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David M. Van Sant

David Van Sant’s Legal Guides

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  • Car Accident Fatality Rate Drops Sharply Over the Years

    In recent years, the actual number of fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled has dramatically declined despite the fact the population has exploded. What changed? In the United States, we use the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), which went into action in 197...

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  • Truck Driver Negligence

    Tractor-trailer trucks pose a significant danger to smaller vehicles on the road because of their massive size. When a truck driver makes a serious error, it can wreak havoc for those smaller passenger cars and trucks around them. It is estimated that the trucking industry produc...

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  • Leading Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

    In the United States the trucking industry is a massive resource for the economy, raking in approximately 255 billion dollars each year. The American people rely on the trucking industry to deliver groceries, alcohol, building materials and all other types of consumer goods. Acco...

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  • Georgia Auto Accident Guide

    WARNING: You have just been involved in an accident DONT pick your Georgia personal injury attorney by accident also. You owe it to yourself to read our Georgia Accident Guide before you talk to an insurance adjuster, hire a lawyer, or sign any forms Expert Atlanta Car Accident ...

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  • Georgia Wrongful Death

    Under Georgia law, there are two claims that may be brought in a wrongful death action. First is the claim by the family members (the wrongful death claim) and the second is the claim of the estate of the deceased (the estate claim). Usually the surviving spouse brings the cla...

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