I was arrested and charged based on an accusation from an ex girlfriend back in July 2011. I bonded out and was complying with my bond conditions but the bonding company went off of my bond for no reason or fault of my own but at the behest of another individual associated with the ex girlfriend's grandfather. I told my mother I wanted Maloof as my lawyer because I had heard of him through my barber and I had heard of his reputation. Everyone I came in contact with that knew of Mr. Maloof told me I was in good hands. While I was in jail it turned out that the roommate I had was a former Maloof client as well, and told me that Mr. Maloof had saved his life (got a murder charge dismissed), and even the judge at my first bond hearing informed me that I had a great lawyer, to do whatever he tells me to, and I was in good hands. Mr. Maloof visited me in jail multiple times. He is a no-nonsense attorney, he is very straightforward. He got my money back from the bonding company, and he made sure my probation in another county did not get violated. Maloof kept me out of prison, and kept me from going back to jail. During every meeting he always emphasized the fact that I need to stay out of trouble, because jail is not a fun place to be. Very straightforward lawyer for the people!