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Sean Derek Gage

About Sean Gage

About me

An Atlantan for over a decade, I have been practicing law in Georgia since 2004. I studied at The University of Maryland, College Park, where I earned a degree in Political Science and later attended law school at Emory University School of Law, where I graduated with a Juris Doctorate in 2003. After earning my law degree, I spent a year as a law clerk for peerless criminal defense attorney Brian Steel before beginning practice as a trial lawyer.


I have spent years defending clients against the most serious of criminal charges, spending many of those years specifically defending those criminal defendants who suffer from mental illness, an area of practice where I discovered that many who are mentally ill face astounding ignorance within the legal system. I have both personal and professional experience helping the mentally ill and have dedicated much of my career to doing so.


I have also been a staunch advocate for civil litigants in their pursuit of damages for the wrongful acts of others, handling both medical malpractice claims and violations of civil liberties, as well as helping individuals who are seeking help in family and domestic relations. I have built a strong partnership with the attorneys of Gibbs & Mabe to provide unparalleled assistance in family law and estate planning.


I am a proud member of Georgia’s Stonewall Bar Association, which is united in its advocacy for gay causes in Georgia, and I proudly support Atlanta’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.


I am sworn into Georgia’s Superior Courts, the Georgia Court of Appeals, and the Georgia Supreme Court and I am admitted to practice law in any court of our State.