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Roger W. Orlando

Roger Orlando’s client reviews

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  • Thankful to have found Mr. Orlando

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Trucking Accident client

    I was badly injured in a truck accident which occurred in a rain storm. I broke my leg and needed surgery. I hired Mr. Orlando who handled my case himself. The truck company initially denied liability. However, Mr. Orlando hired an expert to reconstruct the accident and pushed them hard. After we filed suit, the truck company became anxious to have a mediation and my case was settled very fairly. Actually, for a bit more then I expected but right where Mr. Orlando predicted. He and his staff (especially Zany, Mr. Orlando's litigation paralegal) kept me informed and fought hard. I was very satisfied.

  • Free Consultation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    Even though he was not my lawyer or firm ...the service I provided was excellent. A lawyer named Arman spoke with me regarding a tractor trailer/car accident that happen. He was cordial, professional and gave me some great advice as to what to do for my case. I was so impressed even though the case (which was dropped by another firm) had me with headaches because the insurance company refused to pay and then the law firm dropped me after 8 months. He even had me laughing even though I was feeling depressed about the whole matter. He gave me some advice that I really needed. I thank you so much Arman..I truly thank you so much!

  • My Experience with the Orlando Law firm

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    I called Attorney Orlando after seeing him in a commercial. He appeared sincere, intelligent and was exactly the kind of person I would want representing me against a large company. His commercial said that when you call him, you get him not some other attorney. However, that is exactly what happened. When I showed up at their office, another attorney told me they were representing me in my case. After leaving I called Mr. Orlando directly. I will say this - he called me back immediately. He told me that the attorney that was chosen to represent me was more qualified and experienced in my kind of case (workman's comp). However, I could never reach this attorney and they never kept me informed of what was going on. After several months (5 or 6) that attorney left the firm (for reasons that were not disclosed) and another attorney took over. Problem is, no one told me about this. I found out 6 weeks later when I emailed them to find out why the settlement offer that had already been offered by the company was taking so long. The new attorney had no idea what I was talking about and once he determined there was indeed an offer (that had been sitting on a desk for six weeks) he developed a little bit of an attitude. After reading the contract I didn't like the wording and asked him he if we could have the company make some changes. After a long debate, he finally agreed. Two weeks later I hadn't heard from him so I emailed him and asked him "If it was just me, or was the company taking a long time to respond". He replied to my email with three words "It's just you". But... he attached a re-written contract submitted by the company and it was dated the same day as we had requested the original changes (which was two weeks earlier). Turns out they had made the requested changes the same day and two weeks later he still hadn't notified me.
    There were many other similar problems later when trying to schedule a time to pick up my settlement check but I think you get the idea. I wouldn't use this firm again and I wouldn't recommend them.

    Roger W. Orlando’s response: “While I always am disappointed if I fail to live up to a client's standards, I was this gentleman's attorney (I had another attorney and a paralegal who assisted me; hence the confusion and reason this gentleman was not informed of a staff change at my firm). I cannot discuss this reviewer's specific case because of attorney-client confidentiality, but as he says, he previously worked with "6-10 lawyers" which should say it all. Finally, as for keeping a client informed, at the start of each case a client at the firm receives a letter from me stating that we inform the client of "all significant developments" on their case and the letter outlines all of the ways to contact me. Each time this gentleman called, I accepted (or returned) his call and discussed his case. I PROMISE ANYONE READING THIS THAT I ALWAYS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO SPEAK TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS OF A CALL, occasionally weekends excluded. To this gentleman, Mr. S., I again apologize if I did not fulfill your expectations. I always strive to improve and appreciate the feedback, both good and bad, to help us become even more professional and better at client service. As i frequently remind my clients - as I did you - "I work for you." Roger W. Orlando toll free: 1-866-373-1800”
  • Very professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Mr. Orlando handled my personal injury case many years ago. He and his firm were very professional. My calls were promptly answered and my messages returned. They did a great job of working my case and negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement. I was given regular updates and consultations. When it became apparent the case would go to trial was prepped on what to expect. They included me in the void dire process. I did not revive the an award that I deserved based on the severity of my injuries through no fault of his firm. He and his partner volunteered to cut their fees so that I could walk away with some cash. He is the nicest and most professional I have ever worked with.

  • Mary Wilson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    Outstanding client interaction with considerate attitude & professional manner. We have recently recommended both Atty. Wilson & her competent & dedicated Asst. Andrial King to several persons seeking legal advice.

  • A first class firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Workers Compensation client

    Roger, Mary, and Andrial are first rate!!! Do not consider allowing anyone else to handle your case!!! They are knowledgeable, realistic, compassionate and very professional. They have not forgotten the importance of treating clients with dignity and respect. I have the highest regard for both Roger and his professional staff.

  • Roger Orlando is an amazing attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda williams

    He did an amazing job on our child custody case, I would highly recommend him. His knowledge and experience make him the only choice for anyone needing legal representation

  • My review of Roger Orlando amd the Orlando law firm.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Andrea

    The attorney is true to his word. He's their for his clients. I am a previous client of this attoney and he was their for me through it all. Thanks Mr. Orlando

  • A God send in my time of need

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paula

    Ms Wilson has been a God send in my distress situation with my injury on the job. I was being denied my benefits and Ms Wilson and Andrial King has stepped in and resolved that situation and help to with many others that has come up in my case that was causing me major stress. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE WHO IS INJURED ON THE JOB BECAUSE THEY GET THE JOB DONE AND DO IT WITH YOU IN MIND. LOVE THESE GUYS AND THANK THEM GREATLY FOR THEIR HELP.

  • Roger W. Orlando - Highly Recommed!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Yvonne

    While driving on vacation, our family was hit headon by a drunk illegal alien. We had no idea what to do, but my boss recommended Mr. Orlando. I am so glad she knew him! Mr. Orlando's years of expertise paid off for our family! He flew to Florida to stand up against several insurance companies and other parties for us. His tough negotiation skills led to our family receiving approx. 90% of available monies and the other parties only received a total of 10%. Two of the insurance companies only walked away with enough money to pay for their airfare to Florida.

    Mr. Orlando is concerned with the well-being of his clients and strives to do the very best for them. People are amazed when we tell them our settlement amount and how quickly the case was resolved. I highly recommend Roger Orlando and the Orlando Firm for your case. He has the experience and the heart to help you win your case. He is our angel!