When I first meet Chad I thought he was a nice person and knowledgeable in law.
The problem was the lack of or poor communication with him and his firm.
Long story short I tried to contact his office for and update and only got a recording.
No one every returned my calls.Finally I did get someone and they took a message
but no one ever returned my call. After a few more calls and messages Chad calls me
in a very angry state and tells me he just decided to drop my case because I left too many messages
and would be sending my records to me. Well he ended up sending them to the wrong person
and I got someone else's records. All of my very personal information is now in someone else's hands.
I called his office and told them that they sent me the wrong records.
They left a message for Chad and he called me back and was very short
and rude I tried to talk to him about the records well he just hung up on me.
By the way I had not talked to him in 3 or 4 months. I was only able to leave a message 3 time with a live person in
a 4 month period. I guess when he said you can call me any time he really didn't mean it.