State v. J.B. Gwinnett State Court

Lance Warren Tyler

Case Conclusion Date:March 11, 2013

Practice Area:DUI & DWI

Outcome:DUI Dismissed Nolo Plea on Reckless

Description:DUI Task Force arrest for DUI, reckless driving and failure to maintain lane. The arresting officer noted the driver had thick, slurred speech, blooodshot, glazed eyes, strong odor of alcohol, 6/6 clues (and vertical nystagmus) on HGN and 6/8 clues on WAT. The officer described the driving as, weaving into lanes on either side and almost hitting another vehicle. The officer noted the driver was still wearing a "Wild Bill's" club paper bracelet. Our client pled nolo (no contest) to reckless and failure to maintain lane. 12D-06756-3