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Reginald Levern Winfrey

Reginald Winfrey’s client reviews

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  • Reginald Winfrey...does nothing to hasten cancer treatment for incarcerated client

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jenney

    My daughter, incarcerated at DeKalb County Jail for nearly a year now, was diagnosed with lung cancer and
    was told that surgery was to be performed at Grady Hospital "very soon". That was four months ago! She has received no treatment whatsoever since the diagnosis. Mr. Winfrey, as her attorney, was hired and paid to be her advocate, to be her voice, to act on her behalf , in her best interest, to do what she can't. I have repeatedly requested that he do whatever he needs to do to get her treatment started. As an inmate, she has no voice, no one at the jail seems to care whether she lives or dies. I have been told for the last four months by the medical area of the jail that her treatment will be "soon, very soon". Apparently her attorney doesn't care either. She is totally dependent upon Mr. Winfrey to take care of business for her. No one else has any control of anything, including me.

    Would I hire Mr. Winfrey based on what I know, you bet I wouldn't! I realize he is not a Medical Professional, but as her only advocate that anyone will hear, where is his voice? Apparently he just doesn't care.

    I am so frustrated with him and this situation, I don't know where to turn. He is the only person who may be able to make something happen. Why isn't he doing something? Why isn't he trying?

    As her Mother, I am desperately trying to get someone to listen. She needed treatment four months ago. Why hasn't her attorney represented her best interest? I guess he just doesn't care.

  • Wonderful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Erin Johnson

    Mr. Reginald is a must when it comes to a lawyer. I'm extremely glad that he was appointed to me for free and he still helped me without. That just shows you how great of a person he is, he got my case dismissed from 2yrs ago that they had no evidence but we still had to go to court forand he also got my warrant dismissed. He is such a life saver and i coyld never thank him enough and i hope God continues to bless him and his work. Thanks Again! !

  • Impressive trial attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    Mr. Winfrey was an attorney that went to trial with my fiancee over a domestic violence felony charge. He was extremely impressive during the trial. He is to the point and very articulate. He visually demonstrated the "alleged" violence that occurred and was able to bring to light many lies that the defendant was stating. He has great courtroom presence. In the end my fiancee walked out with a not guilty verdict.