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David Richard Price Jr

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  • Can I get personal injury lawyer as passenger over contusions, bruising, pain and suffering?

    I was in car accident, where the car could not be driven because of damage.I left in ambulance & went to the er and visited again because severe pain.the at fault party accepted liability I am unsure consult lawyer because this may be considered ...

    David’s Answer

    I think you should definitely get a lawyer, as dealing with the insurance company yourself while you are still trying to heal from your injuries is not only stressful, it is counterproductive. You will never get the compensation you deserve if you attempt to handle the insurance company yourself, because insurance companies pay what they believe they will lose at trial--not what is fair--and they never believe they will lose anything at trial unless you have a lawyer. I would absolutely advise you to contact a local attorney who can handle the legal aspect of your accident for you, and help you ensure that you are receiving the medical care and rest that you require to recover from your injuries.

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