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Kucharski v Rick Hendricks

Case Conclusion Date: 07.16.1998

Practice Area: Consumer Protection

Outcome: The jury found for Mr. Kucharski in the amount of $16,500. This was trebled by the court for a verdict of $49,500. The Court of Appeals ordered Rick Hendricks to pay attorney's fees of $26,000.

Description: Mr. Kucharski tried to buy a vehicle from Rick Hendrick. Rick Hendrick could not sell the retail installment sales contract. It refused to give Mr. Kucharski his trade in back even though he demanded its return. Finally, Rick Hendrick convinced Nationsbank to buy the contract after it forged another person's name on the contract. Mr. Kucharski refused to pay for the vehicle. The car was repossessed and Mr. Kucharski was left without a vehicle.

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