Without going into too many details, I've known Ruth Cate for several years and she's represented us on multiple cases. When we first realized we needed a family court lawyer, my wife and I asked several lawyers we knew for a referral, all of them said "Ruth Cate is THE BEST family court attorney in town". We met with her and immediately decided to have her represent us. Over the next few years, we had her handle everything and couldn't be happier. Ruth did an amazing job of explaining our case, clearly, in terms we could understand. She let us know exactly what the best case and worst case scenarios were along with what we could likely expect. She helped us understand our options and worked with us to plan out a strategy. In every instance, we've prevailed and she beat even our best expectations. She cares about her clients and is always a consummate professional. She's as honest as someone can be and is as smart as she is detail oriented. Her staff, from her paralegal to the other attorneys she has on staff share her professionalism and competence. Ruth is not 'cheap' and family court cases are expensive but the cost of losing is expensive (not to mention stressful) and the peace of mind you get from having some like Ruth represent you is priceless. We've used her on multiple occasions and always had a great outcome and I'd blindly recommend her and her staff to anyone.