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Alexandria Broughton Skinner

Alexandria Skinner’s Legal Guides

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  • Collaborative Divorce: An Investment in Family Rather than In Conflict

    You may have heard of a new way of doing divorce, called "interdisciplinary collaborative divorce". This article describes what collaborative divorce is, how it works, why it is better for most divorcing couples, and the few cases in which it is not appropriate. WHAT IT IS Collab...

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  • Collaborative Divorce: Helping You Write A Happier Ending To The Story Of Your Marriage

    WHAT IS COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE? Collaborative Divorce is a divorce without litigation. This does not mean it is a divorce without argument and disagreement. You do not need to be wearing a halo to q

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  • An Introduction to Elder Mediation, or Mediation in Elder Law Cases

    Are you concerned about conflict in your family, or a potential conflict, that involves an elderly person, changes related to aging and increased vulnerability, or administration of a probate estate? If so, your family may benefit from Elder Mediation. Elder Mediation offers the ...

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