I Hired Mr Pery to represent me in an simple Driving with no license charge got in Greeene county I live in Rocky Mount he first didnt let me know when to be in court and got a failure to appear, then went to court and sends a lawyer in his firm never spoke to or had any idea about my case and when judge called, the lawyer said mr perry said do whatever you can with this guy!!!!! Got supervised probation and weekends in jail for driving with no license!!! So appealed decision and had to go to superior court which was thrown out because of him but had to pay another lawyer and double because superior court!!!!!!!! Now he will not call me back or fail to issue me a Refund of $500 Paid him !!!! after have called him everyday left message and sent letter requsting refund!! All I want is my $ back and still not received!!!!! I am disabled and just want my $ back!!!!