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Jacob Paul Warner

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  • Wonderful representation that kept me grounded

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    In January my son returned from deployment so we made the trip to Camp Lejeune to welcome him and his team home. During the trip from Lejeune to I-95 to return home, I had the great displeasure of meeting a NC State Trooper (don't call them officer's, they have a thing about that) . How we met was of deep concern to me.

    After clearing a construction zone on a state road the speed limit returned to 55 MPH. I signalled, changed to the left lane and proceeded to pass the two cars still doing 40 MPH in fornt of me. The car immediately behind me followed, but became significantly aggressive. I was unable to see the headlights in my rear view mirror. I apparently reacted to the dangerous tailgating by accelerating beyond the speed limit. Truth is I was not as concerned for the speed as I was for this guy that continued to be within inches of my bumper and match my speed.

    In seconds I was past the slower car, signalled and returned to the right lane. To my surprise the tailgater follows once again. As I began to comment out loud to my wife, questioning the intent of this other driver, all became clear.... in the form of red and blue lights. The person that was aggressively tailgaiting me was a NC State Trooper in an unmarked vehicle.

    He was simply courteous, but there was no conversation, no discussion, nothing but the motions necessary to write me a citation for doing 75 in a 55! In NC this is a mandatory court appearance, either in person or by representation.

    I was significantly disturbed by the process of being endangered to force a reaction that would then allow me to be cited for the defensive action. I am 59 years old, driving since 16, and I have not had a single moving violation in that time. This action was not only an assault on my safety, but my long earned driving record that would have repercussions affecting my insurance and license for years to come.

    I spent about 10 days researching attorneys online. During that time I also received numerous offers in the mail. I stumbled across the website for Perry, Perry & Perry and immediately knew these were the people I needed to guide me in this process. I called and spoke for some time with Mr. Warner who listened to my story and then explained why, despite my zeal, taking on the NC State Troopers would be a poor choice. He suggested an alternate program that would satisfy my goals of preserving my driving record and retaining my very low insurance rates.

    Mr. Warner explained the program in detail, told me what to expect, and quoted me a fee that would include his representation as well as the court costs and fine. It was money I should not have had to spend, but it was very fair for the result.

    I was provided a document to complete, sign, notarize and return. After doing so, Mr. Warner was able to negotiate on my behalf witht he county prosecutor. He did so with the expected result and notified me by phone of the favorable result, following up in writing shortly thereafter.

    In a perfect world I would have never needed the service of Mr. Warner and his firm. In the end, since I did, I am very pleased with my instinctive selection. Thank you to Mr. Warner and the Perry firm for straight-forward and forthcoming representation.

    In parting, I intend to assure my future visits to NC will be less eventful.

  • Review of Jacob Paul Warner

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Jacob Warner is a very good lawyer.He is very thorough and knowledgeable.I would recommend him to anybody.

  • A great feeling

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Roberta

    Attorney Warner is helping me with my speeding ticket. He is handling everything and that's a great feeling. I trust Mr. Warner and would recommend him to anyone. Thank You Mr. Warner

  • Jacob Warner Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Samantha

    Mr. Warner is a very reliable and trustworthy lawyer. He was very responsive, if i left a message in his office while he was out he responded by the end of the day. His personality was very comforting through my tough times and he invited god into my case by requesting that i pray with him about it. I would refer anyone to him because he made me feel very strong and confident in my case. He is well educated and well mannered which was a plus. I am very satisfied with the assistance Mr. Warner provided me with.