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Dustin R. T. Sullivan

About Dustin Sullivan

About me

Dustin RT Sullivan is one of the founding members and Managing Partner at Sullivan & Snow, who provides legal services to clients on all criminal and traffic matters in Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender Counties. He is a bar member of the 13th Judicial District, which encompasses Bladen, Columbus, and Brunswick Counties.

Mr. Sullivan has handled thousands of cases involving criminal defense, taking on a hands-on approach to his clients, dedicating himself to having his clients understand the process of their case. Instead of talking to secretaries and assistants over the phone, Mr. Sullivan encourages a direct mode of communication so clients are more at ease with the pressures that criminal charges cause.

Mr. Sullivan handles a wide variety of cases, ranging from speeding tickets to Habitual Felons. Over the course of his career he has represented a number of clients who make front page news in the Wilmington Star and Brunswick Beacon. Mr. Sullivan has a great deal of trial experience which he brings to the table for each and every client. Focusing his attention to only criminal defense, he fights to make sure his clients' rights are protected.

In 2009, Mr. Sullivan was accepted into the United States Army Reserve JAG Corps. However, after careful consideration and belief in "family first", he thought it appropriate to continue practicing law in the area he calls home.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Sullivan attended the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio, receiving multiple scholarships in football, academics, community service, and leadership. He played football all four years, where his team finished 18th in the nation for Division1-AA. Mr. Sullivan attended the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia where he was awarded for his services in Moot Court and Community Service as well as his membership in multiple organizations.

Dustin Sullivan worked at the Prosecutors Office in Cincinnati, OH for nearly four years and began his career in North Carolina working for the Brunswick County District Attorney's Office and New Hanover District Attorney's Office during and following law school. Mr. Sullivan also was a partner for over three years at Sullivan & Williams focusing on criminal defense.

Dustin RT Sullivan is an active member and strong supporter of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice as well as a Notary Public in the County of New Hanover, NC.


Mr. Sullivan's Practice Areas include:

  • Criminal Defense
    • All misdemeanor and felony crimes class C and below
  • Traffic Infractions
    • Speeding Citations, DWI's, D.W.L.R. & all other traffic-related matters
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases
    • Larceny, shoplifting, assaults, drug possession, B & E, among others.
  • Felony Criminal Cases
    • Felony Larceny, B & E, Motor Vehicle Offenses, Drug Possession, complex financial fraud, embezzlement, among others
  • DWI/DUI Defense
  • Expunctions

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