This has been my only experience dealing with an attorney and hopefully it will be my last! It is obvious the only thing this attorney is concerned with is the amount of money he can make off you. I was not informed of the happenings of my case. When I asked questions, I was charged for asking and then given the run around. In numerous occasions I was provided with incorrect information which in turn prolonged the legal process and costs me more money. Not only was the attorney not willing to look out for my interest, but the staff was rude. As individuals in a customer service position, they could certainly benefit from an attitude adjustment.

I spent over $10,000 for nothing. This was a child custody/support case that should have been relatively easy. Instead, it costs me a small fortune and my interests were not represented. I highly recommend finding representation elsewhere. After this experience, I hope I never have to deal with another attorney. If I do, I hope they are not all the same.