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Sabrina Winters

About Sabrina Winters

About me

Sabrina Winters has been assisting clients in all areas of estate planning and probate for 14 years. He Firm focuses on assisting families and business owners with all areas of Estate Planning (Last Will and Testaments, Revocable Living Trusts, Advanced Directives, Tax Planning, Medicaid Planning and Veterans Pension Assistance).  No matter what stage in life, Sabrina has the experience and resources to plan an estate to meet her clients' needs, wishes and goals.  In addition to general estate planning services, Sabrina also assists clients with potential tax issues in implementing advanced tax planning strategies such as Dynasty Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts and IRA Trusts.


Sabrina also assists families with Probate matters; in alleviating the cumbersome and time consuming task of handling the estate of a deceased loved one.  Her firm will assist the Executor and Administrator in obtaining an appointment to act on behalf of the Estate.  In addition, she will assist in navigating the Probate Court and will handle all aspects of the Probate.  She not only provides her legal experience, but she brings her personal experiences in having handled her uncle and father in law’s estates.  Her client's feelings are not only respected but are also understood on a personal level.


Sabrina has been invited to speak to businesses, civic associations and parishes in the Charlotte area.  In addition, she provides educational programs to the community throughout the year. 


She is a member of the Charlotte Estate Planning Council and has been named by Business Leaders as one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in 2012.  In addition, her blog was voted by LexisNexis in 2011 as one of the top 25 Blogs on Estate Planning and Probate.  Sabrina is also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.


Each client has different needs, wishes, and circumstances and each has their own family dynamics; Sabrina respects these differences. Clients are treated as a person who has people that love them and depend on them and not just another client who needs a plan or assistance with an estate.


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