Adam M. Seifer

Adam M. Seifer

Photos & Videos

NBC News asked me to comment on the legal implications surrounding the resubmission of Officer Kerrick's voluntary manslaughter charge to a second grand jury after a first grand jury failed to indict last week in the shooting death of a young man.
A jury awarded my client $501,000 after being shot and permanently injured by rapper Waka Flocka Flame.
My interview with WSOCTV about my client that was involved in an unprovoked shooting involving Belmont Police Department on New Years Eve 2013.
My video with WSOCTV regarding a controversial proposed bill in North Carolina that would change workers' compensation laws and how this bill would impact North Carolinians.
My interview with Fox News about proposed legislation aimed at taking unlicensed or suspended drivers off the road.
Fox News interview about our lawsuit against popular rapper Waka Flocka Flame and his management team for having injured my client by shooting a gun at him.
Fox News asked me to comment on charges filed after a street race turned deadly.
WSOCTV asked me to comment about an unexpected twist in an investigation concerning a shootout involving my client and popular rapper Waka Flocka Flame.  My client was charged in the incident but we were able to get all charges dropped shortly thereafter.
My interview with Fox News about how some NC drivers may have had their driving privileges revoked by DMV and not even know it and how this can happen.
My Firm SeiferFlatow's video which describes the services we provide.

About Me 

I have represented clients with diverse legal needs, ranging from persons who are accused of serious crimes including Driving While Impaired and face the loss of liberty if convicted to those who have been catastrophically injured on the job or injured due to someone else's negligence.  The bulk of my practice these days focuses on the defense of those who have been accused of committing crimes, especially DWI/DUI.  I zealously fight to protect my clients' statutory and Constitutional rights and try to ensure that they do not get railroaded by a system that is supposed to stand for innocence until proven guilty.  I also help injured people get fair compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others or sustained at the workplace.  In doing so, I have obtained various settlements and verdicts, many in the high six-figures, that have exceeded client expectations, including a mutli-party personal injury/product liability suit involving a catastrophic boat propeller accident that involved the loss of limb.


The daily mission at my Charlotte, North Carolina based law firm of SeiferFlatow, PLLC and that of myself is to help level the playing field for their clients by combining a high level of customer service with aggressive advocacy on our client's behalf.  I personally believe that no two clients' legal needs are exactly the same, and I tailor my legal plan of action to the specific needs of my client.

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