Dave Bland accepted a corporate civil tort case where several law firms had refused saying the case was valid but too complex for a jury to understand. Dave Bland said, I can make them undestand. He did. In a two week court trial in State Court, in Union County, Dave Bland, with his court room skills had a jury return the largest judgment rendered to that date, in that county, in a matter of hours. It made the Law Review as the lead story.

However collecting the money and having the judgment are separate issues and here is where you really want Dave Bland. To collect the money we had to go to Federal dourt. When we entered the court room, Dave Bland faced two of the largest law firms oin the large city where I lived. There were so many lawyers opposite us that they spilled into the court room viewers section. On our side sat Dave Bland and me. After one week in the court room, again a verdict came back in my favor, within a few hours. Dave Bland had defeated the hord of lawyers from the best law firms. He had the knowledge of how to present a case to the jury so they could understand what happened and and the will to win.

Dave made it easy for me to meet with him for trial prep and instead of dreading the time, he made it fun. On trial day, as I was hammered by other lawyers about documents and facts, I could recall them all. He kept track of deadlines and when we needed to work. Between times, i could live my life. The results of Dave Bland's efforts allowed me to retire and have a good life. He said, "A lot of money has been stolen from you, let's go get it back". From that day he was committed. Is this the kind of attorney you want, one that keeps up with your case, one that sticks with you, one that wins against the big guys?

If I needed an attorney in his area again, there would be no choice, Dave Bland would be the only attorney I would consider working with.