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Edwin M. Hardy

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  • Poor Representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jennifer

    Hired Attorney

    I hired this attorney to represent me in a custody case. He spoke very highly and accomplished for hire. I paid a one time flat fee to have him try the full case. Upon entering the courtroom he encouraged me to take the offer for joint custody that the other attorney offered instead of assisting me with understanding my options. The custody battle I endured was truly about the safety of my child given his father's past parenting issues. I did not receive thruthful explanations of different types of custody. He informed me that there is no difference between the types of custody. After court when my attorney finalized the visitation order with the opposing counsel, I noticed that she had changed several pertinent things in it including renaming the order from visiting order to custody order. This attorney advised me to sign it. I consulted with another attorney who clearly confirmed all of my doubts about the current counsel and the legal explanations she provided and encouraged. I quickly released this attorney and requested a refund because we had gotten through half of the case. He refused although he knew I had been out of work for over a year. I do not recommend this attorney as I did not feel he provided knowledgeable counsel.

    Edwin M. Hardy’s response: “This mother had a difficult custody case involving interstate custody having just moved here approximately one month prior. The father attempted to get jurisdiction established in two states other than my client's new home state of NC. Everything I did in order to get jurisdiction established in NC was successful, thus the case was heard here in client's home state and the father had to travel here to hear the case. Next, I got the mother client temporary custody and rather limited visitation for the father. The father had to provide all transportation for the minor child for visitation which is a victory of itself. Mother wanted supervised visitation for the father, but the judge said even if all her evidence was believed would not warrant a supervised visitation situation. Client agreed to have counsel negotiate a consent order that was favorable to her in all aspects except supervised visitation for father. I never advised her to accept an offer of joint custody. I did explain joint custody and that joint custody with her having primary custody has little, if any, difference than sole custody. I said it was her choice. We negotiated for her to have sole temporary custody which would last indefinitely. She accepted it, then demanded the order just say "Temporary Visitation Order". I advised against it, but complied with client's wishes. I had advised the opposing counsel to entitle the order "Temporary Custody Order" and was pleased when opposing counsel complied (as that was the proper way to entitle it and protected my client more!). Client got upset and demanded it be entitled a visitation order as opposing counsel WANTED it based on information that did not come from me. Clients who "know" more than their attorney are usually disappointed. This client had ideas about law that were just plain wrong and was upset anytime I explained the law contrary to her beliefs and understanding or desires even. I stayed in close contact by text, phone calls, meetings and email. There were dozens of email, dozens of texts, numerous phone calls and numerous meetings. I charged a flat fee based on a normal amount of time for a case like this, but it turned into a very time intensive case which I gladly provided the time. Client was very uncooperative in turning over financial information to the opposing counsel for child support calculation (which she would RECEIVE child support!!!!). And made a comment in an email that "his attorney is sure working hard for him." I did not agree to represent her in child support, but agreed to assist in exchange of financial information. She took my advice to be cooperative in exchanging financial information as disloyalty to her. I knew about her finances and there was no harmful information there. The local Child Support Enforcement Agency has attorneys that assist in the collection of child support and are very effective. I explained if she hired an attorney for child support that they could do no better, but would charge her handsomely for a service that is publicly provided for a very minimal one time charge. This client seemed happy with my services up to the point of providing financial information which the opposing side is entitled to. She did not want to provide it and did not like that I advised her to provide it as there was no potential harm to do so. I had her take her demand for partial refund to the NC State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution Committee and they summarily rejected it for dispute resolution explaining to her that there was not any issue and that my fee was reasonable for the services provided. I accomplished everything this client needed or wanted with the exception of supervised visitation for the father which has a very high standard to uphold to get. Regarding the Order, in response to me saying "Read attached. Is this what you wanted and the way you wanted it? Thanks. Sandy". She said "Sandy, these are correct. They are the final changes... thank you."”
  • Great free advice!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeffrey

    I am a creditor (Won small claims case) and the person owing me money filled for Bankruptcy. Well, I had no idea what to do to get my money that I was owed. So I found out that Edwin Hardy gave free bankruptcy legal advice. He donated about 30 minutes of his time to me and told me everything I needed to do in order to help my situation. He personally SHOWED me out to file a proof of claim and do all the paperwork online so I would be included in the bankruptcy settlement... He did it all FREE OF CHARGE! Awesome guy!

  • Got the job done

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    To the point, not alotta chitchat. Told him what I wanted done and in the end it was done.