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Jon G. Nuckolls

Jon Nuckolls’s client reviews

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  • Highest Respect for Jon Nuckolls as a lawyer and person as well his staff....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I went through a divorce and had no where to turn and Jon Nuckolls took my case. No doubt I have survived not only the divorce but soon after a the ex died from cancer and me and my son lost our home just 9 days after he died....During the entire divorce situation, Jon kept me informed and he was not only respectful of me but also everyone concerned. I had a minor child and he and his staff and another attorney within that office went way beyond in keeping me on track in a positive way to focus on settling things in a positive way and being able to move forward in a positive way which has proven no doubt to of had a positive impact on me being able to regroup and focus on raising my son. Both me and my son talk often about how he handled things in such a positive way helped me return to teaching, my son graduate with honors and go on to play college baseball, few years in the pros and now he is coaching in college..... I will always be very grateful to Jon for his professionalism and no doubt he not only is a great attorney but he is a good person.. Thank you Jon Nuckolls for all you did for me and my son...

  • Child Custody-Relocation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by April

    Jon is honest, fair and professional. He was prepared to represent my case and was always available to provid me guidance and reassurance through the process. I would highly recommend him.

  • Review of John Nuckolls' service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    As my attorney, John was very proactive in protecting my rights and in providing quick and reliable feedback and answers to questions. Additionally John displayed excellent negotiation skills in settling my case. I highly recommend him to others based on my experience as a client.

  • Divore can be difficult but with Jon Nuckolls it was fair and humane!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by elizabeth

    I went to see Jon in January for a consultation with separation and how I should proceed. He provided me with sound advice and a few months later he represented me in my dircorce proceedings.
    Jon was very up front with everything pertaining to my case and even though we did not agree about everything I listened and took his advice.

    He navigated me through the Mediation process.

    His office staff is the best ! They know their clients and have excellent communicaton skills. It helps when you are going through a difficult situtation
    They are a great team and you would be very fortunate to have them represent you!
    Jon is a very fair, honest, and confident lawyer . One that I would recommend to represent you if unfortunately, you are in the mist of a separation.

  • Trust and peace of mind came instantly after hiring Jon Nuckolls...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by D

    My child's well being and stability was everything to me, and when I hired Jon, I instantly felt and knew he understood that. Jon is extremely knowledgeable on the law and very strategic with his cases. The more and more trust I put into him and his firm throughout my case, I was amazed at the results. He truly cares about his clients and fights for what is important to them. He is very quick to respond and makes very sound judgments always in his client’s best interest. My case was settled outside of court, which I never thought would happen, and it was all because of the hard work and dedication put forth from day one. I would recommend Jon Nuckolls to anyone who wants to trust their attorney on the matters that matter most in life.

  • Outstanding attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MJH

    Mr Nuckolls was the 3rd attorney that I hired in my child custody case over a 4 year period. I wish I had been referred to him years ago. His sincere interest in my case was refreshing. It was nice to have a response within an hour of my emails and my phone calls were almost always taken. I would highly recommend Mr Nuckolls for anyone who needs excellent, genuine representation.

  • excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Jon came highly recommended and is someone I highly recommend. In the courtroom he is incredibly prepared. In giving advice, he steers his clients down the high road. I feel like he was looking out for my best interest and he earned by respect and trust.

  • Prenuptial Agreement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    It was a pleasure to work with Jon recently on my prenuptial agreement. He was informative, and guided me through the process. He explained relevant laws of North Caolina that affected the creation of my agreement, and worked dilligently with me and my wife's lawyer to come to a mutualy beneficial agreement that was fair, but protective of my financial interests. I hope I never have to utilize my agreement, but I feel confident that should such a day ever arise, that because of Jon Nuckolls' help, I will be in a good situation.

  • I highly recommend Jon Nuckolls

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    Jon helped me with a child custody case, which we won. Being the father, sometimes you feel like the deck is stacked against you. I was referred to Jon by another father who he had helped to get custody of his son. Everything he told me, I found to be true.

    Jon was a true professional. He listened intently and asked specific questions about my situation. He made sure he completely understood my problem before we got started. He also gave me excellent advice along the way. I always felt like I was being advised to "take the high road" and knew that he had our best interest at heart.

    I would advise anyone seeking legal action to understand that the wheels of justice are slow. What seem like huge monumental problems along the way are only small bumps in the road in hindsight. Jon helped me maintain perspective along the way, and I appreciate that to this day.

    Not all cases will see the courtroom. Some attorneys are betting that it will never make it that far and be settled out of court. However, if it does end up before a judge, then in my opinion, you can't do better than Jon. He was extremely organized and my case was well thought out and presented. Once you are in the courtroom, you realize what you have been paying for, and if your case does go to trial, then you don't want to come up short at the end!

    When you choose an attorney, sometimes you are literally putting your life in their hands. I trusted Jon then, and I would trust him again today.