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    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Poor, Dishonest Defense.

    My husband and I hired this attorney to represent him on an MAR at which time my husband told him some of the issues he knew was in his case. We were referred to him by an associate. He told my husband over the phone the first time we spoke to him that he has been gone too long and he should be home and guaranteed he can do this if all the issues he spoke about are in the file. This attorney told us what we wanted to hear.. He guaranteed my husband he could get his sentenced reduced, the guarantee was told to my husband again when the attorney went to see him and at that time he told him worst case he would at least get him to the mitigated range. We sent him all of the documents he needed and asked for. He told us that he could do this for us and how much it would cost. We were afraid because he was the 3 attorney, but we heard him say 'he understands and he can do this', he kept assuring us that he had spoken with the hire ups in Raleigh, sentencing judge (gave him the ok) and they told him to move forward because the case was a no brainer, he told us he was close with the sentencing judge and we didn't want to get any judge (same thing he told the associate) He also sent my husband these letters that he supposedly sent to the sentencing judge and the judge who ended up hearing the case (not sure that was real). He kept telling us that he had prepared the strong case for us and we had nothing to worry about. I have to be honest, when the person who referred us to him called me and she told me what he had done to them I began to really worry, it was too late for us to back out, so I prayed to God that what happen to them didn't happen to us!! I told my husband and he said we have to pray. We spoke to Stroud and told him how we felt, he said he can't speak specifics on the persons case, but he had issues and my husband just need to be clean. So, we agreed to keep hoping. We had many conversations with him regarding concerns and some inconsistencies but all along he kept assuring us and the closer it came to the court date his assurance was still there with it's a "NO BRAINER"... Well, when we got to court he came over to myself and family and then said he was not sure how this would turn out, now his entire attitude was one of uncertainty... He presented a case with that he knew was bogus, having no basis in law and not a ground upon which relief could be granted. There is no way as an attorney you can practice and not know the case in which you are trying to use as your defense was not applicable to the case you are fighting. I don't know anything about law, and when I heard him speak and then the district attorney, BELLS went off in my head and my heart sank.. That is why he came to us the way he did.. I don't believe in speaking bad of anyone because we all make mistakes, but in my opinion we were given the backdoor treatment. We didn't have the money to spare for someone to make false promises and charge us what he knew we didn't have to spare, and to present a defenseless case is an injustice and why it's so hard to trust the legal system. I am hurt because He Promised with Guarantees..(we knew no one could guarantee, but he spoke with such conviction, you trust him) I just pray no one else has to go through what we and the family who referred us went through. I have the documents to support these statements of a poor defense. I promise you he was not honest out the gate.