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Calley Gerber

Calley Gerber’s client reviews

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  • she's the real deal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    I got served only a week before my trial date. Callie squeezed me into her schedule, despite it being on personal time at night.

    She does wildlife rehab and great Dane rescue as well. She doesn't talk the talk, she walks the walk. Animals are really her life, and she will do anything she can to help.

    She even suggested a third option before trial, which meant she wouldn't be getting paid to go to trial for me. She has yours and the animals best interest at heart, and that's incredibly rare. I've spent years in rescue myself and I was amazed by her dedication.

    This woman takes every client very seriously, as if it were her own fight. Can't say enough good things about her. She went above and beyond to get me out of an interesting situation that I never imagined I'd be in!

  • Calley Gerber is highly recommended for her exceptional support of animal welfare and dedication to animal rescue.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sue

    I have worked with Calley several times over the past four or five years. She has "partnered" with our rescue group with a variety of issues including reviewing/recommending contracts; dealing with difficult situations; and a complicated court case (which she won).

    I have always found Calley to be responsive, professional and enthusiastic with all matters that have been brought to her. I highly admire her dedication and energy to all animal right's issues.

  • Dog Rescue Group

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Post your review anonymously

    Calley has worked for me on two occasions and our dog rescue keeps her "on retainer." (We actually don't pay but she stays available for us.) She has helped us with writing adoption and surrender contracts, has defended the contract in court (we won), and has been able to keep us out of court this year. I hate the circumstances when I have to call her, but feel very reassured when we do talk. She is always very personable, understanding and easy to talk with while at the same time professional and strong.

  • In Very Competent and Caring Hands

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Being threatened with having our dog taken away from us and killed was a terrifying experience but once we hired Calley we KNEW we were in very good and competent hands. Calley's carefully considered response letter to the attorney representing the other party was nothing short of perfection. She stated simple facts of law which were not in favor of the other party's requests. She was able to quickly shut down the entire threat of a law suit. She set just the right tone throughout the process when dealing with the other party. We were in such good hands with Calley, she treated us with the utmost respect and always made us feel competent, comfortable and relevant to the situation. What could have been the most tragic experience in our lives was resolved fairly and efficiently due to Calley's exceptional guidance and performance.

  • Euthasia for First Bite

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Animal Law client

    Calley Gerber went above and beyond to save our dog from euthanasia after a first bite. (The person bit received stitches but no permanent damage to muscle, nerves or bone. Our local animal control still wanted to euthanize.) During such an emotional and distressful time for us, she was honest and upfront about what we were fighting for: our dog's life. We do not have human children so our dogs ARE our kids. We were at a loss about what to do or what not to do. A paralegal friend had asked the attorneys where she works if they would represent us. None of them would touch this case because they don’t know animal law or how to defend pet owners. We asked several people involved in animal rescue for advice and Calley Gerber’s name kept coming up. That’s when we knew we had the right person!

    On short notice, she did a huge amount of research and came to the hearing extremely well prepared. It was very surreal to watch someone who didn’t even know our dog care so much and fight so hard on his behalf.

    Thankfully, Calley did save our dog’s life and we will be forever grateful to her. She gave excellent advice every step of the way. I admire her honesty, professionalism, specialized knowledge and compassion for animals. I recommend her highly to anyone who needs an animal law attorney for any reason.

  • Great Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie for Lulu and Spike

    Our case covered a three year period starting in Small Claims Court and ending in Superior Court. Calley's approach to the case was straight forward with excellent skills during discovery and in trial. We are very pleased with our outcome. She always kept the emphasis on what was important, our dogs!!

  • An original and passionate talent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Appeals client

    Calley took our case against Brunswick county, NC to reverse a decision to have our dogs declared dangerous. Her actions over six months lead to a mediation at which our goals were met. We were the first people to ever get such a ruling overturned

    Calley's creative and challenging work forced the county to take us seriously and we are now in a position to help re write the law that is applied without any real proof, just verbal testimony. We want to make sure someone who has the credentials will at least look at the animals before they are removed from the home and sentenced to live out their lives in a steel and concrete cage.