Seth A. Blum

Seth A. Blum

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Seth Blum conducts a press conference responding to murder allegations.
Traffic Tickets
DMV Hearings
White Collar Crime: Embezzlement, Obtaining Property by False Pretenses, Tax Fraud
Accusations of Domestic Violence
Rx or Prescription Drug Fraud Charges
Accusations of Rape, Indecent Liberties or Sex Offenses
Drug charges from Posession to Trafficking
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About Me 

Seth is a graduate of Tufts University and Duke Law School. He also holds a Master's Degree from the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy Studies. Seth is an experienced trial attorney who is licensed and has tried cases in both North Carolina State and Federal Courts. He regularly teaches other lawyers in advanced trial techniques.  Seth is an Adjunct Professor of Law at University of North Carolina School of Law.