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Matthew Faucette’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by shirley

    my hero

    He is my hero when my son got in trouble all the other lawyers i spoke with said he would go away for a long time but god was always in charge and with matt 's help my son is home thank you

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Unsuccessful expungement

    I hired and paid him to do an expungment. Of course the payment was received but the expungement was never processed. I attempted to call and email him for an update and the status but he gave me some run-around answer that was not consistent with the courts. He never refunded me the money I paid him to do the expungement as he stated he would.

    Matthew Charles Faucette’s response: “Response from Attorney Matt Faucette: Given that the individual client who posted this review did not leave their name, I unfortunately cannot respond specifically to the client or to the underlying issue. That being said, because it is a fairly rare occurrence for my clients to be dissatisfied with my service and representation, I am close to certain that I can recall this incidence (from 7 years ago) and this client's name (which I will obviously not share for attorney/client confidentiality purposes). If I am recalling this client properly, she had retained me to represent her in a "possession of marijuana" case. I was able to get the case dismissed for her (as well as a companion case for her boyfriend). She then asked me to file an expunction for her. I did that. Unfortunately, under NC law at that time, an individual who had already filed for, and had already been granted, an expunction for a previously dismissed case, could not avail themselves of another expunction. She had apparently been charged with "harassing phone calls" in a different county in 2002 and she had requested for that charge to be expunged in 2004. When I interviewed her for the 2008 case, she did not remember filing that expunction and, as a result, she did not disclose to me that she had already used her expunction already. If she had, I would have advised that she would not be allowed another expunction, and I would not have done the work to seek another expunction. So, I drafted and filed all the expunction documentation, and when the request was finally denied, I advised her of the fact that she had previously filed for an expunction. Regarding this poster's allegation that I did not return her fee, I must admit that I do not recall returning any fee. I was hired to represent her in the misdemeanor drug case and was thankfully able to get the charges dismissed for her. I actually didn't charge her any additional fees to handle the expunction, so I did not return any fees. That being said, it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS my goal to provide caring service and quality legal representation to every client, and when a client is not satisfied, I welcome the opportunity to address the client's concerns. If this poster ever reads my response, I would certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss any issues with her. (And if this poster is not the client I am herein describing, I welcome that phone call as well.) As an attorney, and more importantly, as a Christian attorney, I try to do all my work for the glory of the Lord (Colossians 3:23). I am saddened to learn that there is a past client who obviously felt betrayed by my care of her and by my care of her legal matter. I pledge to her, and to all future clients that I am honored to represent, to at all times offer my best service and representation for a fair and reasonable fee. May God bless you all!!!”