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David Landon White

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  • Landon White saved my derriere....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ted

    I studied law in college and did my Sr Year internship with a Judge in Guilford County District Court... I'm regaling you with this so that you understand I have met all forms of attorney, good and bad... So here goes the story...
    I was on vacation for my 3rd wedding anniversary in Wrightsville Beach, NC. My wife and I went out about 7:30pm for a few drinks. When we left the bar to head back to the Hotel around 9:15pm, I was almost immediately stopped. I was honest with the Deputy and explained that I had consumed 3 beers in a short period of time, but that was all. He immediately got me out of the truck and put me through the tests (On the dash cam video, I was clearly slurred words, no stumbling, etc.) ...he then made me blow and arrested me...
    I fought it in district court and lost... I then appealed it to superior court and the night before my appeal, my first lawyer had to leave and go back to Charlotte!!! As you can imagine, I was beside myself. That's when I met Landon... He called and assured me that he had the other attorney's notes and everything would be fine... I managed not to freak out, but literally gave up hope of any justice. The next morning I met with Landon and he had watched the dash cam video. He explained that the deputy had made numerous mistakes and had no idea what he was doing. He also agreed that by the evidence on the tape, I never should have even been asked to blow! He spoke with the DA who initially refused to drop the case, but once we went into the courtroom, he began speaking with the DA again in a hushed tone. I was later told that he basically said, ("When I cross examine the deputy, I'm going to make him look like an idiot.") They then started chatting about law school etc and he finally sat back down next to me and said in the very nonchalant manner he has, "oh ya, the state is going to dismiss..." Let me tell you, that may have been one of the single most relieving moments of my life! Landon is truly sharp. He knows the laws and he did what I considered nearly impossible. A++ to a job well done. Thanks again, Ted.

  • great results ..

    5.0 stars

    Posted by courtney

    Attorney White and the Robert Law Group are the people to call if you ever need help. I had a driving issue where I was afraid I might lose my license. They made me feel at ease and I felt confident the attorney would handle my case like he said. Attorney White actually got a better result than I had hoped for! The people at the law firm are great. They will work with you, listen to your concerns, and you just feel like they care about you as a person. Thank you Attorney White!

  • Attorney White gets the job done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    A family member was facing a possession and paraphernalia charge as a result of a traffic stop. These charges would have resulted in a violation of probation for our family member. Attorney White was successfully able to resolve this matter and obtain a dismissal for the possession and paraphernalia charges, leaving only a registration violation infraction. This meant no violation of probation. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. We would highly recommend Attorney White.