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Jerome P. Trehy Jr.

Jerome Trehy’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    Good representation!

    Jay Trehy is very knowledeable of laws regarding personal injury suits, insurance and North Carolina's Worker's Compensation program. He uses that knowledge to consider the specifics of each case and only then develops a strategy for reaching the most favorable outcome for a client.
    He is skilled in taking depositions and knowing both how and when to use information. He has excellent negotiation skills as well. I believe he is challenged by his work and that he enjoys his work, He came highly recommended and I continue to be very satisfied with his services.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elaine

    Jerome Trehy help me change a discrimatory law in NC

    I've known Jay Trehy for more than 30 yrs and he's an Excellent Attorney and Compassionate person. In 2003 I was injured in a Chevy Blazer, with No roll bar to protect the roof. The vehicle rolled over crushing my neck & rendering me a Quadriplegic. Without a roll bar the van was defective, because the glass couldn't support the roof from caving in like tin foil. At that time NC had a Statue of Repose which prevented a person's Access to Justice for product defectively if the vehicle was more than 6 yrs old, My vehicle was 7 years old so although he'd been able to help a stranger who's vehicle met within the guide lines, he couldn't Access Justice for me.

    He worked relentlessly to change this law, partnering with the NC Advocates for Justice. In 2009 a bill was brought before the Senate addressing the Statute of Repose. I decided to work with this group to Change the Law even though it was not retroactive for me. I spoke before the Senate and put a Human Face to what before was just a Bill and it passed the Senate an onto the House of Representatives. I went to 4 House meeting with out speaking but always was visible. The Lobbyists were concerned because for once there was a Face to their arguments, which made them look petty. The Bill passed the House and now the Statute of Repose is 12 years instead of 6. Things Changed in NC because of Jay's drive and desire to Fix this unfair Law.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Mr. Trehy is who you want fighting for you!

    Mr. Trehy was extremely helpful. He kept me informed on my case,and made the whole process alot easier. He is genuine and cares for his clients. I hope to never need to be in a court room again but if I did I wouldn't want anyone else in my corner and fighting for me beside Mr. Trehy