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Gerald P. Goulder

About Gerald Goulder

About me

Clients often ask me about the "boutique" nature of my practice which I have limited to immigration matters only.  There are several reasons why my practice is limited to only immigration matters.


First, all areas of law have become complicated.  Government regulations, constantly revised administrative guidelines and rules, and many court cases impact any area of law practice.  I think it is difficult to be a "general practice" lawyer in 21st century America.  I am not comfortable "shooting from the hip" in my legal practice.  Rather than be a "jack of all trades" I'd rather be a "master" in one.


Immigration law is already the most complex area of law; it is more complicated than tax law.  Immigration matters involve several Executive Departments: Department of Homeland Security; Department of State; Department of Justice; and, Department of Labor.  These Executive Departments often have several agencies involved in immigration matters.  Each Department and agency has its own set of regulations and administrative review processes.  The federal courts also make rulings affecting immigration laws.  There are thousands of adjudicators and federal officers that make decisions in immigration matters.  A goodimmigration lawyer has to spend time keeping up with constant changes in immigration law.


Second, my family is important to me.  I like to spend time with my wife and children and participate in activities with them.  I have coached my son's lacrosse teams and I am a high school lacrosse official.  My practice is limited because I spend time with my family and in my community.  I take on new clients, but I don't take on every case.  


Third, I have practiced law for over 30 years.  I  am not focused on maximizing my potential income by taking on as many clients as I can.  I am not trying to get rich practicing law.  I prefer to have a personal relationship with my clients and to provide them quality personal service.