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Daniel L. Deuterman

About Daniel Deuterman

About me

One of the reasons that my wife, Dawne, and I established the Deuterman Law Group in 2003 was because we thought there was a better way to work, to treat employees and to serve our clients. When we started the Deuterman Law Group, our primary goals were: to set an extremely high standard in the quality of our work for our clients, and in our professionalism and ethics in the practice of law; to obtain justice for our clients; and to have a positive impact on our community.


We believe we have achieved those goals. In these last seven years, the Deuterman Law Group has been repeatedly recognized for our ethics, our community service and our commitment to employees and clients. Those rewards are a direct result of our philosophy of putting people first and treating them well, always.



We are hyper-focused on customer service — unusual for law firms — and we’ve looked to the hospitality and retail industries for their best practices. Our clients often tell us that we’re not what they expected from a law firm, and they mean it as a compliment. They’re consistently amazed that our people care about them, that we take the time to listen and that we’re actually very nice. Such comments are as gratifying as any “big win” in court. They keep us motivated and working hard for our clients.


Putting people first. It’s such a simple philosophy, but it has served us and our clients well.  Please feel free to visit our website at

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