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Deborah Britton Vaughn

Deborah Vaughn’s client reviews

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  • Still on the case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Social Security client

    Deborah Vaughn is still on my disability case,the main firm Kalfus and Nachman in Norfolk,VA. mistakingly sent a "cannot represent" letter to me.Her firm is in Roanoke.I would like Avvo to retract my previous 1 year and 1 month statement.I am pleased thus far with her help on my case.The clerical error in Norfolk,VA. was not her fault.

  • She helped me win my Social Security Case and had me well prepared to appear at my hearing

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Maine

    Miss Vaugh was the lawyer assigned to me when the Kalfus & Nachman Law Firm decided to take my case to represent me in my Social Security Disability case.

    In the beginning playing phone tag with her paralegals upset me but I was already stressed over this case, I requested a sit down face to Face with Miss Vaugh and I was very impressed with her Knowledge of the Social Security bureaucracy, she seemed confident in her abilities to represent me which put me further at ease.

    During our second face to face meeting she prepared me for my upcoming hearing and she made sure I was well prepared to enter that court room, she was always honest with me she never just told me what I wanted hear and she was very blunt which I respected. She made it clear that she’ll do her job and she’ll do it well but in the end it’s my job to make the judge understand how my disability affect me, she told me I have to take what’s written in my medical records and put it in words that the judge could understand.

    On the day of my hearing she arrived early and fully prepared with my entire physical file not just the CD, we went over the case one last time and she told me this is your time that judge wants to understand how you feel you have to make him see that today. 10 days later I received a fully Favorable decision, I know I couldn’t of done it without a great lawyer by my side.

    Having said all this I will say that you can’t just sit back and wait for the lawyer to gather everything for you have to be proactive, working with your doctors making sure your lawyer has every scrap of info about your medical condition even if it sounds unimportant