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Injured Railroad Worker

Posted by: a Personal Injury client almost 5 years ago.

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Mr. Hajek is a very outstanding lawyer and has been a blessing to our family.Mr. Hajek came to know us about 5 years ago. I was working one night in dark territory, when my conductor took a track warrant down wrong. As I topped a hill, I seen another train right in front of me. I put the train in emergency and l fell to the floor. As I laid on the floor praying it would not hurt it felt like it would never end. There was nothing I could do! I could not jump, for I only would fall off a cliff. Soon came an impact like no other. smashing and crinkling metal screeching that was piercing to the ear. I rear ended a double stacked pig train sitting on the main. As I pulled my self off of the floor, and noticed i was bleeding, I checked my conductor, and told him to call for help. He was fine as far as I could tell. But I myself was not! Soon I was being helped off the train by a search and rescue team. Because we were so far away from any major roads, there was just no access in to reach us. Luck you might say, to even be alive. I was then put in an ambulance, and taken to the nearest hospital. I was able to call my wife, were she met me at the hospital sometime later.I soon contacted a close union member who, told me to call this number right away. I thought" what can they do"? But I took his advice. It was late at night I called and left a message. Within an hour Mr. Hajek called me back personally on the phone, And gave me advice. And believe me advice was what I needed. I felt like he was concerned for me, not trying to get me to sign a paper and such. I was soon released from the hospital with no x-rays taken. The next day Mr. Hajek called me to check on me, and I explained to him how I felt. I told him " something is just not right, I don't feel ok ". His advice to go straight to the hospital saved my life. There in a CT scan showed a bruise on my brain. I had a mild traumatic brain injury. I had to ware a neck brace, to keep my head straight. my neck and back we stuck in a fetal position for a while. After months of recovery, and being took out of service by the railroad, I got back to work.Mr. Hajek set me up with a team of Doctors that was instrumental in my recovery. I most appreciate Mr. Hajek first and for most for saving my life, But he was very honest with me, and took the time to personally explain each and every step of the process that I would be going thru from the start. It was no promising me a settlement that could not be reached. He treated me like I was his own family member. He was instrumental in my recovery, I never had to worry about anything. He called frequently and checked on me and my family. I highly recommend Mr. Hajek to any railroader or anyone with a personal injury to give him a call. You will receive personal attention that you need and deserve when it means the most. I myself, settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, and got back to work. If God forbid anything would happen to me or my family again, I would not hesitate to give him a call again. His track record speaks for its self.