I had an immigrant case pending with immigration under the provision of 245i (Clinton's amnesty). One day I was arrested with driving without a driver's license. The police realizing that I was illegal, turned me to ICE. I explained to ICE that my I-140 was approved and waiting for the priority date. they didn't listen and started the process of deporting. Mr. Fayad filed a request to the court to get me out on bond. while the bond hearing was pending ICE deported me to Mexico. Mr. Fayad went to court and fought my case and the judge ordered me back from Mexico. Mr. Fayad sent a lawyer who went and waited for me at the borders to make sure the border police let me back in. Lawyer Fayad represented me in the court for my green card and finally the judge approved my case. I am very, very happy. I was crying like a baby in the court and all that was thanks to Mr. Fayad's hard work. He believed in my case and fought till the end. I will definitely recommend lawyer Nash Fayad for complex deportation cases.