Ms. Fox came highly recommended from others, but my situation did not end so well. I felt I had to settle out of court due to the lack of attention and guidance I was getting during my case. I was also informed by Ms. Fox that the case was not going the way she was expecting or used to and she had pulled in her partner to discuss. In the settlement meeting Ms. Fox was unaware of some of the terms of my PSA and had to ask the other laywer to show her some of the items for referance. I felt I had to speak up and defend for myself - at that time Mrs. Fox pulled me out of the meeting and said "you are a strong woman but you dont want to go up against me". Not exactly what you want to hear from the person who is supposed to be on your side.

There was also a chain of emails I was copied on between Ms. Fox and the other attorney were at one point Ms Fox commented "my client has told me XYZ, is this true?" This made me very uncofortable that my attorney was sharing what I told her with the opposing attorney and asking for verification - poor choice in my opinion and did not make me feel I could trust her with my very private information any longer.

Again, Jennifer came highly recommended from someone she successfully represented. In my situation I felt she was uninvolved and provided little guidance. Even once telling me a story how she prepped very little for a case, but "turned it on in the courtroom and kicked butt". That should have been a red flag.