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William Edward Riley IV

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  • First Class Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    It is without reservation that I recommend Attorney Ed Riley and the legal team of Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law. I was arrested for attempting to bribe a police officer and DUI second offense within 5 years. I was terrified and a nervous wreck. In all aspects of their representation, Mr. Riley and the firm conducted themselves in a most competent and professional manner. Also, at a time that was most difficult for me and my family, they were very understanding and sincere in their approach with us. Mr. Riley was able to successfully resolve my case by convincing the prosecution or the Court to have the felony completely dropped and the DUI reduced to a first offense. I could not be more pleased with the representation. This is a first class group who know how to get things done. We wouldn’t hesitate to seek out their counsel in the future should the need arise.

  • Terrible experience & result with my reckless driving ticket

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I retained Mr. Riley when I got a reckless driving in a school zone ticket. I paid twice as much as others I found for Mr. Riley's experience and ratings online. I feel that I got a less than satisfactory outcome as a direct result of hiring Mr. Riley. I'll tell you below why I think that had I retained different counsel, or none at all, I would have gotten the same result AT WORST, and likely would have gotten a complete dismissal.

    Regarding responsiveness, the office replied pretty quickly until I paid the fee, and then it took 3 weeks and several calls to respond to my questions. Mr. Riley advised me not to come to court, and I now know why. When I told him I wanted to come, he said to meet him at 9:15. My court time was 9:30. He didn't show up until 10:15, but luckily they hadn't called my case yet.

    From my own research, I told Mr. Riley that the school zone hours were between 8:30 and 9:00. My ticket had 8:30 written as the time of offense, and I told him that I didn't think that the school zone lights were flashing when I was pulled. The officer then offered a layup in court when he told the judge the incorrect school zone time of 8-8:30, and said that the time he pulled me was 8:20. At this point, I would have piped up, but Mr. Riley advised me to let him do all of the talking. When I realized my lawyer wasn't going to say anything, I whispered to him that the officer said the wrong time. Not only did he not point out the mistake the officer made, but he actually corrected the officer in the time that he said he pulled me! Mr. Riley admitted later that he "made a tactical error" in court by not addressing the thing that would have repudiated the charges against me. You think?

    A lady after me (she didn't have a lawyer) who was charged with speeding in a school zone by the same officer, argued the timing to the judge. With much less of a case than me, the judge still gave her the "benefit of the doubt" and dismissed her ticket altogether. She didn't have a +5 driving record like me, which was the only thing my lawyer argued on my behalf.

    Another grievance: based on my conversations with other lawyers who have dealt with this officer before, I told Mr. Riley that the officer seemed agitated and that he would say that I was weaving in and out of traffic. I countered by laying out my case and providing pictures to Mr. Riley. The day of court, Mr. Riley told me that the officer didn't have any paperwork and would be passive in front of the judge. The officer, in fact, was the opposite of passive, and said pretty much exactly what I told my lawyer he would say. Mr. Riley didn't refute with anything we had discussed, and didn't produce the pictures I had given him. He just said that I had a "great driving record." He admitted to me afterwards that he "misread" the officer. So much for the experience I paid so much for.

    My observation was that this judge had been lenient all morning, and actually gave me relatively one of the harshest judgments I heard. While I did get a reckless reduced to speeding, it was only after I took a very time consuming (all weekend) and expensive RADEP course. I still got the ticket fines/fees, still got the charge on my record, and still got the insurance points.

  • Simply the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Who you need to hire. This firm does a wonderful job. Very attentive to detail and excellent communication. Mr. Riley will get you the best results possible.