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Cassie Lynn Baudean

Cassie Baudean’s Legal Guides

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  • What to expect from an initial divorce consultation

    The Holiday season is over and for some is was a wonderful time of year. For others, it may have been a touch time of year. If you are one of those who had a tough holiday season and are thinking ab

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  • How to Pick the Right Attorney for You

    When you have a legal issue and you've decided it's time for you to talk with an attorney, the next question you come across is "How do I pick the right one?"

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  • Expungements in Virginia

    I have come across many people who are very misguided on the use of an expungement. An expungement is a legal tool to have any record of your arrest, trial, etc. removed from all files. The result is that it basically looks like it never happened.

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  • Spousal Support in Virginia

    Spousal support is one of the first thing many people think about when they are getting a divorce: Will I get any? How much? Will I have to pay spousal support? Spousal support, in Virginia, is not guaranteed to a spouse upon a divorce. There are many, many factors that a court ...

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  • Annulment v. Divorce

    An annulment essentially voids the marriage like it never happened; a divorce terminates a valid marriage.

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  • Some things to consider when divorcing

    A few tips for things to remember while going through a divorce. This is not an all inclusive list but is a list of the top things my clients tend to forget about when divorcing.

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