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Raymond Eugene Beal II

About Raymond Beal

About me

I’m a retired Marine who first set foot upon the “yellow footprints” at recruit training in Parris Island in June 1982.  Since then I’ve served in both the enlisted and officer ranks.  I was a Field Wireman, a Marine Security Guard, an Infantry Squad Leader, an Infantry Officer and, for the last 15 years of my career, a Marine Judge Advocate (a Marine lawyer).  I retired in September 2012.


I am now a civilian defense counsel representing current and former service men and women in all branches of our Armed Forces who face criminal prosecution by court-martial or adverse administrative action pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and service regulations.


My experience in the military courtroom is as comprehensive as you will find.  At the trial level I was both a prosecutor and a defense counsel.  At the appellate level I represented the United States during the appeal of general and special courts- martial.  I’ve argued before the Navy–Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. 


I was a judge the last six years of my career.  I spent three years on the trial bench as the Circuit Judge for the Southern Circuit, Navy-Marine Corps Trial Judiciary, located at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida.  I spent another three years on the appellate bench as a military judge on the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals in Washington D.C.


Even before I became a military lawyer I became familiar with the courtroom having served as a bailiff, a witness, and a court-martial member (a jury member).  I know the system both from your perspective and the perspective of a seasoned professional.  If you, your son, or your daughter is in trouble, no matter where you are, call me at (904) 451-1537 or email me through my website at

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