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Shelly Renee Collette

Shelly Collette’s client reviews

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  • Best Lawyer I ever had

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    With my child custody/divorce case Shelly used the nice guy approach, which at first I didn't understand. But saw why later on. While the other party and his lawyer were taking what I consider the wrong approach she wasn't moved nor did she stoop to their level or back down. She kept me highly informed of everything involving my case, even when I asked her the same question a million times. The other parties were throwing everything they possibly could at me and I was losing faith, Shelly turned it all around. She is the kind of Lawyer that will tell it to you like it is while providing great legal advice in doing so. My case was settled with an agreement by choice. When the other party went against the agreement already in place Shelly's genius approach she had written in the order (that she informed me of but I didnt fully pay attention to, silly me) threw even me off guard. If you want to retain the best lawyer I believe there is go with Shelly Collette.

  • Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Shelly is a fabulous attorney. She fights strongly for you when she believes in you. I have been with her at 3 different law firms because she truly cares about my case, after several who just didn't want to deal with my ex-wife's attorney and encouraged me to settle. Shelly is not intimidated and she saw my ex wife for EXACTLY what she was/is-a parental alienator. She is extremely knowledgeable about the law and unlike other attorneys, is extremely ethical as well. She was able to call a time out when I'd be furious over my exes latest antics and redirect me down the right path. She found the right experts to prove her alienation and has been able to calmly and articulately expose the many inaccuracies that my ex and her attorney had put forward. She is a strong advocates for both moms and dads, but her main focus is what's right for the child. We have referred many clients going through contentious situations to Shelly, and she is always open to reaching a compromise. Unfortunately, she has never been able to accomplish this with the other side. Very professional and dedicated.