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John Paul Harris III

About John Harris

About me

I make sure people get treated fairly by helping those injured through no fault of their own.  I help them secure the money necessary to get their lives back on track.


When I was working as a prosecutor, I discovered something important. “It was a lot more fun putting the bad guy in jail than it was trying to keep the bad guy out.”  When my law practice gravitated toward civil litigation, my goal changed: “I found out that helping people get what they were entitled to, was a lot more fun than trying to beat them out of it.”


My clients are hard-working, self-sufficient people whose lives suddenly got upended by circumstances totally outside of their control. Generally, the people who come to see me are OK in their lives and are able to live day-to-day until something happens like an auto accident.  They suddenly don’t have anything coming in, and they have a lot going out because they have medical bills.  It is then that they need me.


Faced with no income and mounting medical expenses, clients often encounter insurance companies unwilling to make them whole again.  People who have been injured don’t wrestle with insurance companies on a daily basis, so they’re at a tremendous disadvantage.  They are often dealing with seasoned adjusters whose job is to minimize expenditures.


They’re up against insurance companies who are in business to collect premiums and not to pay claims.  And because the injured parties don’t know the law, they don’t have any idea of their entitlement under the insurance policies.  They’re at a loss as to what to do. 


As a people person, I enjoy sitting down with clients, listening to their problems and helping them restore their lives. Based on the circumstances of their case, I sometimes urge them to return to work as soon as possible, both for their own sake and to impress upon a jury their willingness to try.


Sometimes, I help clients understand that they can’t afford the gamble of going to trial if there’s a settlement on the table. In other cases, I advocate proceeding to the courtroom.


As a solo practitioner, I handle each case personally, assisted by a staff that’s been with me for an average of 20 years. This personal attention eases clients’ discomfort in undeniably trying circumstances.



1619 Jefferson Davis Highway

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

PH: (540) 371-4941

FX: (540) 371-4946 

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