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Jason Greenwood’s client reviews

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  • Bankruptcy filing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MaLu

    Mr Greenwood is such an Excellent, excellent lawyer!!! He is a very caring, compassionate, helpful, patient, understanding, smart and knowledgeable lawyer. He made our whole bankruptcy filing experience a very pleasant and comfortable one. The system that he's using in gathering required documents is so effective in making the whole process a lot smoother and easier. Our filing experience was a very smooth, pleasant and not intimidating one. He was very thorough and organized in collecting our information and doing the paperwork. I definitely recommend Mr Greenwood. He's very trustworthy and made sure we were covered and protected. He truly care for his clients. He is a blessing especially to those who are intimidated by the tasks of filing bankruptcy. From the beginning to the end, he was on our side and very helpful, keeping us very much informed of the next step to take. He's such an amazing, excellent lawyer, you definitely won't be disappointed! Thank you for everything Mr Greenwood!

  • One heck of a attorney !!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    I can truly say Mr.Greenwood was so honest, easy to talk too and one heck of an Attorney ! I wished I had him in my corner when I went threw my divorce. He was so excellent in being patience with me, explaing ever step of the way, he was also conserned with my safety!! My words of thanks just does not feel like enough! It was a wonderful expirenence to meet such a well grounded, hardworking, and caring attorney !! Thank you again Jason Greenwood !! My words cannot say how much better I feel, and for you to be conserned out my safety !! Your the best I have ever met!! I would most defenanlly refer anyone to you!! THANKS AGAIN!! You client and friend ,Debbie Starcher

  • Outstanding service.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I just went through a nasty divorce and had not thought very highly of lawyers because of this. My divorce lawyer included. I must be honest and say that I was sure that all lawyers were nothing but arrogant money loving people feeding on the misery of others. I was literally sick with anxiety going through my own money problems. I decided to work with a debt settlement company. I wasted over $3000 and when I got a warrant in debt they told me to just deny ever having had the credit card. At that point my world caved in and I knew that I needed to act fast. After reading the backgrounds of several lawyers I contacted Mr. Greenwood and we had our first meeting. Unlike my previous divorce lawyer, I found that Mr. Greenwood actually paid attention and had a genuine interest in what I was going through. Unlike my divorce attorney, Mr. Greenwood promised nothing but said that he would help me get past this current situation. I went away feeling comforted in the sincerity that he showed during that first meeting. The guy even made eye contact. I have found that usually when I am being lied to people generally will not do that. They tend to look away. Anyway, my anxiety was still very high during this ordeal, but Mr. Greenwood had a folder set up for me with information to read and was up front with all the cost. I liked that!!! He kept me well informed during our process and he had a long list of items that I needed to do. Paperwork to get to him, and classes to take. The classes are mandatory and he even put that together for me. Every time I saw Mr. Greenwood I felt more at ease. The man is a former Marine Officer and let me tell you from experience that he is still a "Gentleman". I say this because he found a lien on my house from a credit card company. This debt was from my ex-wife. I had no money to pay for this to get removed. In attorney fees it would add almost $500 more to my expenses. I was already drowning in debt and without being asked for the money to cover this new problem Mr. Greenwood helped me get past this. Only a man with Honor, and Integrity would do this. My divorce lawyer would have been chomping at the bit for a chance to have a client write another check for something he could not afford. (I am about to use the word "WE". I am using the word we because I felt we were a team. Mr. Greenwood really does work that closely with you.) Well, when we finally had our meeting of the creditors in Richmond everything was more than perfect. I arrived very early and watched as several people went in front of the Trustee with their attorney. They were asked a ton of questions and often did not have paperwork that was needed or even completed correctly. Shortly after Mr. Greenwood arrived we were called in front of the Trustee and I was sworn in. I was only asked a few questions and the Trustee even told me that she liked when everything was in front of her ahead of time. I was out of there in a forth of the time that most people had been in front of her. I had seen no other people that had everything completed ahead of time. This has been very long winded I know. However, this gives me my financial life back. Mr. Greenwood is an outstanding lawyer, and a truly caring individual.