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  • Veteran department sends denial letters to OAG Texas repeatedly for the support of four children on food stamps

    I have four children by a 100% 'disabled' veteran. (I put the disabled in quotations due to his disability being asthma, which he smoked both marijuana and cigarettes continually for 14 years after diagnosis.) He had received his back pay...

    Philip’s Answer

    Regrettably you are limited to using your state and local resources for the enforcement of child support obligations.

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  • I have been given a legal document to sign and send back but it has a witness section

    should I need to get a signature from anyone I know or it would be handled at the receiving end?

    Philip’s Answer

    You are being asked to have someone witness you signing the document. It's a way to verify that it was you who signed. Often times a notary public (your bank or credit union might offer such service free or at low cost). Legal documents often require it be a notary public.

    It is done on your end.

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  • DCF Headache. Damaging info on file about me

    DCF has something on file about me as being a danger to children. Whatever they have on file is not being released to me and I believe it to be false and it has been there between 20 to 25 years now. It is preventing me from taking custody of ch...

    Philip’s Answer

    A MA lawyer can help you best. The first questions I would want to aks would be:

    1. Does MA have a state Privacy Act/Freedom of Information/Sunshine Law under which you can gain access to personal information on yourself. I'm familiar with that in federal matters and VA. So perhaps MA has something similar.

    2. Does the DCF have an "appeal" or procedure to have incorrect information removed.

    I'd do some initial Google looking and then take those questions to a MA lawyer. Perhaps there's a law school clinic that serves low income people, and perhaps the Bar Association has a list of lawyers charging low fees or pro bono work.

    Just calling them probably isn't going to work because you are not using the right "procedure."

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  • I would like to reenlist in the reserves and would like to know if I can change my RE-Code.

    I received a General discharge under honorable conditions because I did not finish my contract with the military. I never had any misconduct or punishments. Can I change my RE-code so that I can join the reserves and how hard could it be? Do I nee...

    Philip’s Answer

    That's an odd situation.

    The recruiter will want to look at the underlying reason you got separated early and only with a General. If you got a RE4 that tells people that you did something, perhaps wrong or bad.

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  • Can I re enlist if I've changed?

    Went to MCRD in 2013. Got my first letter from my ex girlfriend at home saying she was going to leave me. I didn't want that. I knew the easy way out was to tell a drill instructor that I wanted to hurt myself. No questions asked and got sent home...

    Philip’s Answer

    Unlikely you will get your separation code changed. The Navy board is quite strict and tough to convince to allow changes.

    The Marines are unlikely to give you a waiver. They don't need to give too many waivers at the moment because they are meeting their recruiting needs.

    Apply by all means. You might find a sympathetic recruiter who might help steer you through the process.

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  • Does active duty service member stationed in Germany need to be physically present for trial?

    My husband got stationed in Germany recently. It was expected, and occurred in the midst of family court proceedings for a minor modification to a parenting plan. Adequate cause was granted, he and his ex wife are mediating, and trial is set for O...

    Philip’s Answer

    Talk to the attorney.

    There is also a SCRA implication to this.

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  • Family law/ divorce. What are my rights? Child custody. Is it worth to file for adultery in military?

    My husband is in Air Guard. He got deployed and after came home I found out he was having an affair with a woman from his unit the whole time they were deployed together. I was pregnant with our second child at that time. We decided to work on thi...

    Philip’s Answer

    You so not have to be married to anyone to join the ANG. The problem he is referring to relates to the enlistment of single mothers/fathers and the required family care plan.
    The ANG can take some disciplinary actions against him, especially if the adultery was with another airman. The end result may be his being kicked out of the ANG.
    Talk to a civilian divorce/child custody attorney in your town about the other issues.

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