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John Dinucci’s client reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Takes Money But Doesn't Provide Representation

    DiNucci engaged in breach of contract & unjust enrichment. He strings clients along w/the promise of representation while overcharging them fees of $450-2000, then refuses representation. If they insist on a written agreement for the money they’ve invested or refuse to pay for his “advice,” he threatens them w/lawsuits & physical violence.
    I sought his representation for a lawsuit scheduled 3 months away. He requested copies of all pleadings & documents. His policy: $300/hr w/no charge to review documents in advance & none for 1st 30 minutes.
    But 1st meeting lasted 1-1/2 hours b/c he prolonged it 1 hour longer than our agreed 30 mins b/c (1) he was 15 mins late & offered to extend it by 15 mins at no charge, & (2) 30 mins into the meeting, when I started to leave, he offered to represent me & wanted to discuss case particulars in more detail.
    At the end, he asked for $450.00, or $225.00 more than his stated fee (30 mins free + 15 mins free = $225.00 for 45 mins). When I pointed out this discrepancy, he threatened to withdraw representation if I didn’t pay $450.00 in full immediately. I asked for a written agreement; he said he’d provide at next meeting but did not.
    I immediately sent email confirming his verbal statement to represent me. At no time, in the next 3 months did he state or suggest, either verbally or in writing, that he wouldn’t represent me, correct my repeated verbal & written statements that he was representing me, or refute same written statement.
    He lowered his fee to $250.00/hr. Our 2nd meeting was from 2:05-4:20 (minus a 15-minute break), or two hours. He told me to write the defendant that he was representing me, & he didn’t respond, he’d write to him in that capacity. Despite lower fee, he requested payment of $575.00, or $75.00 more than he’d led me to expect. When I pointed out the discrepancy, he said the meeting had lasted 2-1/4 hours, asking me to pay $62.50 for a break he spent on the phone w/another client. I requested a written agreement for the third time, which he said he’d mail.
    A week later, I got a letter asking for $2,000.00 in return for advice--not representation--as I had repeatedly requested & he’d agreed to. I immediately emailed there was a miscommunication, I wanted representation, & reminded him I’d already made a sizable investment in it based on his assurances of representation in both meetings.
    He scheduled & blew off several phone meetings, then emailed blaming me for not providing a retainer in the absence of & despite the fact he’d repeatedly failed to provide a retainer agreement. He ended saying if I wasn’t satisfied w/his services (what services???) I should consult another lawyer, then cut off all communication.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Wills client

    Actually Subverted Client's Case

    Lawyer was willing to subvert client's best interests in order to enhance his standing as a member of old boys club. After emphatically stating that an expert witness was key to winning client's case, he tried to convince client to use his buddy as an "expert" witness (at exorbitant client expense) despite the fact that buddy had no credentials or courtroom experience as expert witness. When client balked, he promptly dropped client after charging thousands of dollars in fees. Avoid this lawyer under ALL circumstances!