I retained Mr. Jaffe in January 2011 after an auto accident. We worked together for months trying to come to an agreement with the other party and in September when we finally did , I went in to his offices to meet and discuss my resolution. During this meeting Mr. Jaffe detailed specific instructions on how to handle my hospital debt. I'm unemployed and uninsured and applied for financial aid thru the hospital (which I wasn't aware existed) and was approved. Thank God! I thought... One less I have to worry about right? Fast forward to yesterday; I called my radiology office as I haven't received a confirmation of my account being cleared. I was informed that upon calling the Jaffe firm for confirmation, his assistant Karmen provided details of my settlement, which was CONFIDENTIAL. These details voided my chances of having the Financial Aid I rightfully received through the hospital applied. When I called him and politely asked for assistance, Mr. Jerome Jaffe says to me "I don't know how to help you, there is no on here by that name". Except for, I have communication from HER on his letterhead... He didn't even offer a half felt apology to save face. All the work leading up to my resolution was great, but if The Jaffe Law Firm is not to be held accountable for what happened with my radiology bill, then who is? BE CAREFUL, feels like once he gets his 33.3% he doesn't care what his staff does or says.