The first time that I met with Mr. Surovell, I had tears streaming down my face for the entire two hours that we discussed my case. I had been arrested for a first offense DWI and for refusal to submit to analysis for blood/breath test. I spent a lot of time filling out the intake form as a new client of his but every second that I spent doing that was worth it. The more information that I was able to provide to Mr. Surovell, the better he would be at his job as my attorney. Mr. Surovell isn't just any attorney; he's an individual person who actually cares about making a difference in the lives of everyday people and in-turn, the world. There's no way that he could be such an amazing attorney without the passion and fire that drives him to do so. He's direct, honest, respectable and you should listen to him. Don't be afraid to ask him questions. The more you care about your case and your life, the more likely your attorney will too so it's important that you show genuine interest in how the outcome of your case will affect your life. After having my case continued for a few months, we went to trial. I was found not guilty for the first offense DWI and was found guilty of the unreasonable refusal to submit to blood/breath test. However, Mr. Surovell immediately filed an appeal - allowing me to keep my driver's license up until the Circuit Court of Appeals trial date. Mr. Surovell told me in advance that my chances for being acquitted of the charge would be much greater if I had a trial by jury rather than a bench trial. Even though a jury trial was more expensive, he wasn't telling me to go that route because he wanted to make more money, he was telling me because he cared and was doing his job as my attorney and advising me the way that I deserved. I took his advice and he rocked the courtroom that day. The jury found me not guilty of unreasonable refusal to submit to analysis of blood/breath test. While there were many details of the case that I did not disclose, there is one thing that I know for sure - the results would not have been the same without having had Mr. Surovell by my side. I had faith in him and every other prospective client out there should too. My life and the way I choose to live it has changed because of him. I don't believe in luck or regretting moments of stupidity but I do believe in mistakes and it will be your biggest mistake yet if you need an attorney and don't choose Scott Surovell.