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  • Did a popular grocery-store chain in San Francisco violate my civil rights?

    Did a popular grocery-store chain in San Francisco, that considers its customers the most important stakeholders and the lifeblood of its business, violate my civil rights when (1 ) one of their white employees waved his hand in my face three time...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Don't think so

    1) no civil right not to have a manager wave his hands in your face.

    2) no civil right to not have security guards called.

    3) no civil right to access the orbit butter grinding machine

    4) the store has a right to remove a customer.

    5) the store is free to escort you in their store.

    6) you maybe able to get your metal containers back, but I think that would hardly be worth in a law suit might be worth asking the manager- unless they banned you from the store in which case you will need to call or write a letter.

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  • What should I do if I am being followed from business to business by the DA.

    For some strange reason, for years, the DA has been following me to whatever business that I go too and slanders me to management, employees and customers. I know that this does not sound believable but it is true. If there are any attractive wom...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Almost certainly something is amiss here, and almost certainly it has nothing to do with the DA or the authorities.

    Recommend reaching out to health care professionals in your area.

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  • Can I sue a business for violating my privacy rights by giving my information another person and what kind of attorney do I need

    I dropped my car off to be serviced for a recall.. several days later I called to check on my vehicle and to make arrangements on the pick up since I would not be able to make it because of work I made arrangements for my fiancee to pick it up. I ...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Absent economic damages, there's nothing for you to sue for. Your license plate is public information. Anyone who drives behind you can see it. Her phone number is almost certainly available online to anyone who wants to look it up. Sounds like the dealer gooned up, it happens. Perhaps if you call them and tell the service manager what happened they will offer you some kind of deal off of your service charges.

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  • Can I sue a company that injured me in actions that added up in different states?

    I was being moved from Oklahoma city to Georgia, and then to California. Due to poor medical care, I ended up with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, but the denial of insulin started in one state, and ended in another. How can I sue the BOP that abused me ac...

    Rixon’s Answer

    I think you're real question is not whether you can sue (anyone can sue for anything) but rather whether you could win such a suit. No one on the Internet can tell you that answer. You need to sit down with an attorney and go through all your facts, all your details, all the documents, and all the other circumstances that determine whether or not you have a case that can be one in a court of law

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  • Can you deny statements made under attorney client privilege?

    If I tell my attorney something, then am asked under oath if I every said anything to that affect, can I legally deny it since it was made under attorney client privilege? For example, if I said to my attorney my boss is a "sexist pig", and under ...

    Rixon’s Answer

    You would need not deny or affirm the statement because your attorney would be on her/his feet objecting to the question.

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  • If I come across a problem with a national bank, where I can get free legal help for filing and following up a complaint ?

    I have contacted CFPB and, but none of them could help me and closed my case. I believe they misunderstood my case and didn't spend any time on that. What should I do?

    Rixon’s Answer

    Try to contacting legal aid in your area. If you qualify it's possible and attorney maybe able to help you for free.

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  • Put on salery and given manager title but very little managers access

    Worked 60 hr a week on salery if I worked 80 hours still paid 60 if I worked 50 only got paid for 50 also went to court for the business and never got paid for that and was asked for Dr note on my scheduled day off when I was unable to cover someo...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Pretty offensive for you to put on your comment that you are white and being treated "...this badly..." As though it would be understandable if it was somebody who was nonwhite.

    No idea what you mean by 'manager access'.

    Sounds like you might have some issues associated with your hours worked and hours paid for which you should seek out and chat with a local employment law attorney.

    Not sure what you were thinking regarding the doctors note, it is not uncommon for a company to request a doctors note when a work shift has been missed. Check with your company's HR to determine what company policy is.

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  • Is it in my and my son's best interest to tell my husband where my son is? I fled TX to VA from a domestic violence situation.

    My family/support is in VA. I am trying to get a Preliminary Protective Order here in VA, but I won't be able to pursue custody until we've resided here for 6 months, assuming my husband doesn't try to get temporary orders for us to return to Tarr...

    Rixon’s Answer

    A good question to ask me to turn in your meeting with tomorrow. What we say here really won't be of much importance. The attorney you meet with tomorrow will have all the facts and all the details and will be able to give you much better guidance than anyone here.

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  • I have already extend the date for court to retain attorney, but I need more time to get my suspended license.

    I need to extend my court date for second time because I need more time to get my suspended license for case to be in my favor. I will be appeared in court, but I don't know what to do or say to extend the court date. How can I explain to judge t...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Get the attorney first, let him or her worry about how to best handle your case.

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  • Am I legally married since I got married in korea and never filed in the states.

    I was married in south korea to another service member in 2009 we never filed public records. we did get married at the us embassy.

    Rixon’s Answer

    At an embassy?consulate? Huummm. No consular officials have power to do so over seas. Your marriage would have been performed under the laws of South Korea to be valid.

    Never filed public records? Did you begin claiming married allowances from Government?

    Something missing from your post--or so my little voice is telling me.

    FWIW, you will need to contact the State Attorney Generals office in the state where you maintain a permanent residency to inquire about what documents will be required for the State to recognize your marriage.

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