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Manuel Enrique Leiva Jr.

Manuel Leiva’s client reviews

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  • A Superlative Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Mr. Leiva handled my teenage daugher's DWI and did a truly excellent job.

    I could not be more favorably impressed with Mr. Leiva's professionalism, knowledge, connections and skills in representing us and helping us through a difficult time. He expertly assessed my daughter's case, gave us a thorough analysis of our options and recommended a plea bargain approach to the prosecutor that was accepted: my daughter received probation, a one year loss of license and if she complied with all of the court's conditions (drug counseling, no further legal troubles of any kind), her conviction would be expunged. Mr. Leiva counseled my daughter in terms of how the case before the judge would play out, how she should conduct herself and answer the judge's and prosecutor's questions, and how she should comply with the probation office. It has been a year now and my daughter's record was successfully expunged, and her probation even was ended 6 months early.

    Based on our experience, I recommend Mr. Leiva without hesitation -- he is calm, reasonable and savvy. He understands the Fairfax County court system, judges and prosecutors, and provides sound, practical advice. I think his experience as a public defender, and his training and work under some of the best lawyers in Fairfax County makes him uniquely qualified and highly respected in his handling of dui/dwi and criminal matters. He is my "go-to" lawyer for these kinds of matters for my family, friends and clients.

  • Superb Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    When I first spoke on the phone with Manuel I could tell that he had my best interests at heart and he genuinely wanted to help. You can immediately tell how knowledgable he is in the field of law.

    I hired him on the spot.

    When I finally met him, I knew I had made the right choice. His character is second to none.
    He tells you exactly what small things YOU can do to help yourself while he takes care of EVERYTHING else. Manuel is calm and consultative. His level-headed approach, charisma and confidence are what makes Manuel a winner in the judicial system, in the court-room and in plea bargains.

    I was facing a level one misdemeanor which could have meant huge fines and jail time. Manuel was able to plea bargain with the prosecutor to get my 30-day sentence reduce to ZERO DAYS! My fine was also INCREDIBLY SMALL compared to what it COULD have been had I not hired Manuel.

    I really can't say enough about Manuel. His wisdom is beyond his years and he uses his powers for good.

    Do yourself a favor...hire Manuel Leiva! (Or at least give him a call today)

  • Facing multiple felony charges & "The Trial" I'll never forget

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Manuel Leiva is a talented attorney, with substantial trial experience. His performance throughout my trial was simply amazing. He's also well respected throughout the entire court system. I'm very happy with his work and I'm glad I decided to fight the charges with a 2 day trial. I highly recommend him to others.

  • Best Lawyer EVER!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I talked to at least 15 lawyers and Mr Leiva was that number15. I wish I had met him sooner so I wouldnt have had to talk to all the other lawyers that wasted my precious time. The moment I met him, told him about my case, from the answers I got, I automatically knew he was the lawyer I would hire. Mr Leiva is the best lawyer anyone can ever ask for. He truly cares about his client and did everything possible for my case. He was extremely understanding, professional, caring. How many lawyers do you think will allow their clients to call them at 3in the morning? NONE. He was always well prepared, extremely professional and I couldnt have asked for a better lawyer..If you need a lawyer, trust me he is the one. AT the end, I am extremely happy with his services and at an affordable rate as well..

  • Excellent counsel -- exceeded all expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    After a particularly emotional day in January, I made the terrible mistake of driving intoxicated and was charged with an aggravated DUI (BAC > .20 and accident involved). Knowing that I was facing the probability of serious jail time, I turned to the Internet in a desperate search for the most qualified Fairfax attorney. The first lawyer I hired, an expensive attorney who claimed to be among the best in the area, tried to negotiate with the prosecution to no avail and told me in the end that my case was hopeless. Scared and disappointed, I decided to seek a second opinion and, at the recommendation of a friend, retained Manuel Leiva as my new lawyer.

    I am certain that hiring Manuel was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Manuel met with me in person and, from the very beginning of our attorney-client relationship, was honest, sincere, and patient enough to answer my impulsive bombardments of often irrational questions. With my trial date just weeks away, he studied my case thoroughly, prepared my defenses, and kept me consistently informed, even giving me his cell phone number in case I needed to contact him outside of the office. He assured me that if the prosecution remained unwilling to make me an offer, he was more than ready to go to trial.

    When the day of my trial arrived, the prosecution had four witnesses to testify against me, and I was terrified of my fate. My defenses now seemed far and few between, especially since I had already confessed my guilt to the police officer on the night of my arrest. Nonetheless, Manuel asserted that he was prepared for trial and would do his best to fight my charges. Still, the circumstances were hardly in my favor and I felt unequivocally defeated.

    As I sat nervously on that cold courtroom bench, trying to resign myself to a lengthy jail term, Manuel cornered the prosecutor in a final attempt to negotiate a plea bargain. I have no idea what was said behind closed doors, but no more than 20 minutes later, he returned with miraculous news: despite the prosecution's steadfast unwillingness to budge until this point, Manuel had finally convinced them to reduce my BAC (and not prosecute the accident charge). I left the courtroom with a minimal punishment and my dignity unbroken. My world was not shattered as I thought it would be, and I'm now free to write this review only days after my final court date.

    As extraordinary as my outcome was, I would recommend Manuel Leiva without reservation even if he had not been able to persuade the prosecution in my favor. The effort he dedicated to my case was sincere and impressive, and I was comforted to know that he, unlike my previous attorney, was ready to fight to reduce my charges no matter how hopeless my circumstances seemed to me. As someone with no criminal history before my DUI, my conscience still aches for the horrible mistake I made on that January night, but as I continue to confront and heal from the poor decisions that I made, I'm confident that I made one amazingly prudent decision in hiring Manuel Leiva as my attorney.

  • Would recommend to everyone i know (and have!)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I have worked in the the Fairfax County court system for over 15 years. I received a minor traffic offense but still wanted to take it to court to try and see if i could do something to lessen the points on my DMV record and maybe get the charge reduced to a lessor offense. I knew right away that I should contact Mr. Leiva for my representation. The rapport he had with the courts (judges, clerks and other programs) is great. We walked into court and he knew all the key players and it was an easy experience. Would absolutely recommend him.