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Demetrios C Pikrallidas

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  • My landlord is refusing to return my security deposit. In fact I had to contact him after 45 days of hearing nothing from him.

    I'm in VA. I finally heard back from him after I texted once again and now he is calling the normal wear and tear damages to his premises. He is trying to sell the property so supposedly he had to have the carpet replaced in one room and have the ...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    Your Landlord needs to follow the terms of the Lease and Virginia Law. If the Landlord does not comply, I urge you to hire a lawyer and take him to court for a refund. Normal wear and tear is expected.

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  • I was a contactor for 2 years for a software company in Florida. They didn't pay any of my invoices for 16 months.

    We are stopping our contract and would like to add an interest to the money they owe me. They said it is not on my contract with them to pay interest on unpaid fees and expenses. What are your advice on this item? Thanks

    Demetrios’s Answer

    You should consult with a Florida Attorney skilled in Collections. Generally speaking, in a commercial setting, the four corners of the documents provide the added remedies available to you.

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  • What is my liability if I promote a home catering business?

    I want to promote certain home caterers on my website, and get paid by them for doing so. What is my liability if the caterer is not properly licensed or not following his/her local laws/regulations regarding food/safety and kitchen setup? Am I ...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    Legally, I think it would be very difficult for you to be liable for anything.

    Practically, you are recommending Caterers to go into people's homes. You want your website to have credibility. Credibility starts with your providing your clientele the assurances that you have not only vetted the caterers for their abilities but taken the added step of making sure they are compliant with the health code and are properly insured. You should have their certificates of insurance on file.

    You should also have a disclaimer that your are a site that solely recommends and is not in a joint venture with the recommended entities.

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  • Security Deposit being held by landlord

    I changed the locks due to domestic abuse of roommates. I informed the police of the situation. I informed landlord that I had the locks changed and turned in all the keys to the landlord. I moved out early because the landlord wants to sell his p...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    If you have a Protective Order, you should be fine. If you do not, I think you have a right to demand the portion deducted, back.

    You can file for a return of that portion of the deposit unless it is a very low amount making it cost and time prohibitive.

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  • Can a female co worker take me to court?

    Hello so im 20 and at my job i have this problem with my eyes where when im walking to my destination and i know someone (co workers) and there still in my field of vision i look them straight in the eye then i look away the whole thing is 1 sec a...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    I think it is highly unlikely that you will be sued for anything under the facts you have provided.
    If you truly have a medical condition - you should provide the proper documentation to your Employer so they are aware of the condition, can advise your co-workers and accommodate any needs you have.

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  • Child support In Fairfax, incorrectly charged and denied due process hearings. Wasn't notified of court or increase in support.

    Juvenile and domestic court did not serve me in MD and went ahead and changed a temporary child support order back to original amount. I wasn't notified and this was done without me being present in court. No one even knew my income or situation a...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    You need to alert the J&DR Clerks Office immediately - preferably in writing.
    An attorney would have to review your entire file at the court as well as your documents.
    One issue to consider - any petition filed to change your support or take any court action needed to be properly signed. Make sure this is looked into.

    It would be a good idea to consult a local Fairfax Lawyer with a Domestic Practice that includes Child Support.

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  • Do I need to hire a attorney?

    I was in my car and stopped waiting for the truck in front of me to make a left hand turn, when all of a sudden, was hit from behind. The impact knocked not only my glasses off my face, but my hat from my head and knocked my shoes halfway off my ...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    I lived in Ashland for 4 years while a student at R-MC! Center of the Universe!

    You absolutely need to hire an Attorney. Someone licensed in Virginia who has a goods track record on accident cases. But you need to first get the best medical care available for yourself. At this point you need to be primarly concerned with your health. You have 2 years from the date of accident to file suit.

    YOu have described an incredible impact. Your health is your wealth. Take care of that and hire an attorney with experience in these cases. It does not need to be an attorney from Hanover County or anywhere in Central Virginia - just someone good and licensed in Virginia.

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  • I was injured at a walmart. What can I do?

    I was picking up a case of water off of their shelf and the case was stuck. The cases were stacked too high and once it came loose, the top case of water fell off towards my face and scraped the side of my face and also busted my lip open.

    Demetrios’s Answer

    I have handled falling merchandise cases and can tell you WALMART will fight very hard. Do not mistake their commercials, etc to mean they are softies in any way. They settled with Tracy Morgan after a period of time (BECAUSE THEY HAD TO). You can expect they will drag their feet, ask for all of your information and make you and incredible low ball offer. If you file suit in state court, they are very likely to remove to Federal Court. I have found this to be an advantage - if you request the proper items in litigation.

    You should hire an attorney who understands falling merchandise cases. That lawyer should immediately file a spoilation letter to preserve all evidence - video, etc.

    You should also seek medical attention to rule out permanent scarring or any traumatic brain injury.

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  • Do I need a personal injury lawyer to settle a minor injury claim?

    I was in an accident in May of this year which totaled my truck and sent me to the hospital by ambulance. I didn't receive any ex-rays, only medication. The other driver was deemed at fault by the officer on scene of the accident. I have been t...

    Demetrios’s Answer


    Based on your experiences as you have described them, you are not being treated as well as you should be.

    Having handled numerous cases in Prince William County (Manassas) - you are in a good jurisdiction with resepct to cases of your size. A good lawyer will either negotiate a far greater amount or file suit in the General District Court.

    Either the insurance company treats you fairly, or your attorney can take it to Court where you should do much better than they are offering.

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  • How tp handle a a bicle accident

    Saturday night i got rear ended by a car when i was riding my road bike home from work. I was stopped on a red light with no one behind me. when the light turned green and i started going a car that was approaching the light speed up and rear ende...

    Demetrios’s Answer

    You need to seek immediate medical attention. I have had 2 hip replacements and your soreness could lead to other complicating factors.

    You also need to hire a lawyer familiar with bicycle accidents in Virginia. It does not need to necessarily be a local attorney as much as someone familiar with bike cases and the potential defenses.

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