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Darwyn Levon Easley

Darwyn Easley’s client reviews

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  • Confidence!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Curtis

    Hired Attorney

    Mr. Easley represented me on a very serious criminal traffic offense DWI. I had lost all hope in the case because it involved an accident and an extremely high BAC .23. Nearly three times the legal limit! I honestly did not know what to expect in court at all. Mr. Easley reassured me that he will do anything and everything possible to defend my freedom and he delivered! He told me in our consultation that he is going to go through this case "With a fine tooth comb" Nothing to be left undiscovered. At our motion hearing the prosecutor pushed for trial instantly. Confidently Mr. Easley was prepared to do battle. I was shaking the whole time. My final result was all minimal fines and penalties and no jail. With a case like mine that was a tremendous win for me! I don't believe I could have received a result like that without him. I just want to say thank you Mr. Easley for everything you done for me! Greatly appreciated!

  • Teenage Son, Dumb Mistake

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cassandra

    Mr. Easley was referred to me by a friend from church. He worked diligently to get my son's felony charged dropped. Mr. Easley had my son's best interest at heart. I would recommend him to everyone. Exceptional, caring, trustworthy, friendly, and phenomenal lawyer and person. He kept us informed throughout the entire process. Darywn Easley would be a excellent mentor for our young men!! Thanks Darwyn for caring!! I pray that your practice flourish!!!

  • Young Adult Son, Dumb Mistake

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracie

    Our 20 year old son got himself into some trouble, "following" behind a couple of his friends, involving a theft incident. It was the scariest time of our lives, our son who had never been in trouble before nor had a criminal history was facing 12 felony charges. Darwyn was comforting while forthcoming with all possible outcomes with us from the beginning, he was thorough, understanding and patient (even through all my mania). The end result was complete favor, most charges dropped because of Darwyn's dubious efforts & in the end our son was left with (2) misdemeanor petit larceny charges, resolved favorably. I'm happy to say he is continuing in college & thriving. Thank you Mr. Easley.

  • Literally Saved My Life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    On June 17, 2014 I was arrested and charged with a very serious criminal offense. Shortly after arriving in Fairfax County, Virginia, Darwyn Easley sort of descended like an angel from on high to come to give me a consultation. He literally came out of nowhere; he found me. During my first consultation it was clear that I not only wanted this man to represent me, but NEEDED him to!

    From the very start he was extremely capable of helping me understand my case. I was facing 5 years to life in prison. He TAUGHT me how the Commonwealth of Virginia was pursuing its case against me and what he intended to do to fight for my freedom based on the evidence against me. Just talking with him made me feel better about my chances of winning my case.

    Easley fought hard to get me a bond and was successful despite the fact that my charge was one of the worst that anyone can have. He was able to convince the Commonwealth that - with my non-existent criminal record, achievements and community connections - I deserved a bond! And we were successful.

    On the same day I was given a bond, the prosecutor assigned to my case decided to appeal my bond for revocation in circuit court. But that didn't stop Easley from being there the very next morning to fight to uphold my bond with one of the harshest judges in Fairfax County. Although we weren't successful with upholding my bond, he was able to extract valuable information and evidence against me to use in my defense in future hearings.

    My case took a year before going to trial. It was a long and arduous process fighting for my freedom. I spent a year in Fairfax County jail awaiting trial but Attorney Easley visited me often and always had a wealth of information on how we should move with each new development, new piece of evidence or lack of evidence! He also maintained contact with important people and was one of my primary connections to the outside.

    By the time we finally went to trial, Easley was fully equipped and ready for battle! This man brought everything AND the kitchen sink. I got my first glimpse at how he could captivate a courtroom back at my bond hearings and preliminary hearing, but at trial the man was a marvel! A beast. A titan. And I don't mean to be sacrilegious but at trial - he was A GOD!

    During Voir dire he was able to charm and select the right jury. It's almost impossible to describe how remarkable he was a cross-examiner. He organized the attendance of vital witnesses to my case and even coached me on how I should best represent myself as a witness. During closing arguments he left a lasting impression on not only the jury but the entire courtroom with the stories he told. He argued my case using FACTS and EVIDENCE! The jury was also visibly charmed by his arguments and insights.

    Throughout the trial the judge consistently had good things to say about him and how he and the prosecutor were trying the case overall. When the jury finally reached its verdict after almost two full days of deliberation I was overjoyed and relieved then the it came back NOT GUILTY.

    Especially because I was innocent. I did not commit this crime!

    After a year with Easley fighting my case, Darwyn became more than just my lawyer. He became my teacher and my friend. I learned a lot from this lawyer. At the heart of it Darwyn Easley is a great law professor! After the the jury was relieved of their service, they were all witnessed leaving out of the courthouse as one large unit; all united, walking and talking together. I'm certain this is because of the impact that Darwyn Easley and my case had on their lives.

    On June 25, 2015 I was acquitted on the charge of rape by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Thank you Darwyn Easley! You saved my life.

  • Outstanding Criminal Attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by LLD

    Darwyn Easley is by far the best criminal attorney out here! Mr. Easley represented our son on two bogus felony charges . The first time we went into court, the judge dropped the charges to misdemeanors. Mr. Easley said that was fine, but not good enough, so he took it to trial. Mr. Easley told my family not to worry that everything would be okay and it was. We went back into court a second time and Mr. Easley won hands down...both charges were thrown out of court. We have never met an attorney more prepared, knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and professional as Attorney Easley. Thank you again Mr. Easley for representing our son, you are truly first class in your field and one of a kind!!

  • Smooth Sailing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by heather

    Mr. Easley helped me with a protective order matter. As challenging as this was for me, personally, Mr. Easley kept an uplifting and soothing demeanor while being fully open and honest regarding my case. He walked me thru everything, told me what to expect, answered my questions and even preemptively answers questions I should have asked! I appreciated the fact he could be reached after standard office hours via text and email. Throughout the entire process (introduction, preparation, trail-prep, and during the trial) he had a calm, collected and confident attitude which transferred beautifully into the court room where we received the verdict we were aiming for.

  • He knows his way around the courtroom!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I've had the pleasure of watching Mr. Easley in court on numerous occasions. He is a fighter. He goes the extra mile for his clients. He is very well respected, serious, yet funny. You definitely want him on your side!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Once again thank you for all your help your concern and compassion in this latest hurdle in my son life. It is safe to say that without your service and support, my son’s criminal violation would have been in a much worse position. I would not hesitate in recommending you happily to my friends and family. You are certainly an artist at your profession.

  • Once again, excellent lawyering

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eileen

    This is my second review of Mr. Easley. My daughter recently got a criminal charge and a serious driving charge. Mr. Easley once again took great care of us. He negotiated a plea to a much lesser driving offense and was able to get the criminal charge dropped. He showed great compassion for our stress, and his advice was measured, very well explained, and solid. During our day in court, it was clear that the other attorneys and judge and prosecutor have utmost respect for Mr. Easley. His manner with us was just what we needed.

  • Professional and Persistent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eugene

    I've used Mr. Easley to defend reckless driving citations on two separate occasions with excellent results both times. The first time Mr. Easley negotiated the citation down to a non-moving violation after several conversations with the prosecutor. The second time, Mr. Easley negotiated the reckless driving and lane change violation to a simple speeding violation. Needless to say, I was very pleased with Mr. Easley's efforts and the results. Mr. Easley will not accept a prosecutor's offer unless he is convinced that nothing better is available. He goes out of his way to make the entire process as pain-free as possible for his client's. For knowledgeable and competent representation, I don't believe you can do better.