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Cynthia Marie Radomsky

Cynthia Radomsky’s client reviews

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  • Worth Every Penny!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    I had a difficult divorce & custody case with an extremely uncooperative former spouse. While seemingly all the wrong was on his side (adultery, mistreatment, hiding girlfriend and extra children) and, by all accounts, it should have been an easy case, his lawyer was very smart in handling his case and always being on the attack. My previous attorneys at what I thought was a fairly reputable firm were not as experienced, and the firm kept going through them like hotcakes, so my last attorney didn't even try to get to know the case. I had almost lost hope. Then, I had a family meeting with my supportive parents and brother, and we decided that we were going to make one last stand for my child's sake. I went to one of the best divorce/custody law firms in the Fairfax area, met with a partner who highly recommended Cindy for my case, looked up Cindy on Avvo (and was happily impressed by her reviews), and my entire case turned around from there. Cindy was supportive and professional, realistic, thorough, and very responsive. We made a clear plan of what I wanted, what was best for my child, what we knew, what we suspected, and how we'd go about doing it. With Cindy, I no longer felt quite as much anxiety about receiving almost daily demanding emails from my former spouse - I would just forward them to Cindy, and she would let me know if I needed to respond or not, and how to do it. My life and my child's life changed for the better almost immediately. We were no longer on the defensive, and, finally, after almost three years since my separation (only the last year was with Cindy), I had my divorce. In the middle of my time with Cindy, she opened her own law firm with two partners, and I gladly went with her.
    Note for budget-conscious people: the rates of excellent lawyers are high. This is a simple fact. But, honestly, it's the best investment you'll make. The lawyers I had previously had slightly lower rates, but they wasted so much time and sent me backwards in my case, that, at the time I switched over, my parents and I were out tens of thousands of dollars with my case worse off than when we had started it. Once I was with Cindy, I saw that every penny I spent was used wisely to bring my case forward to get the results I wanted.

    Apologies for the long review - I hope it helps someone in choosing lawyers. I know reading these review was important for me when I decided to switch.

  • Highly reputable!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by mharzall

    I seldom write reviews but in the case of Cynthia I'm going to make an exception.

    Cynthia M. Radomsky from the very get go was very articulate and her empathy helped in me explaining my situation.

    She offered various options and not once did she rush me or ignore me, whether by email or in person.

    I would highly recommend her.

  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    I have communicated with different family matter lawyers, none of them were able to get the job done until I have met with Cindy. She is a very strong, honest, and skilled lawyer, fully knowledgeable of the court procedures and rules. Cindy was able to help me to get things in the right path after was draft in the wrong direction, she was able to deal firmly with my wife's lawyer and get us into settlement very much as we wanted it, only within four months after hiring her. She knows how to handle pressure and turn things around for her client's benefit. I highly recommend Cindy for those who have long and tough cases in court and/or dealing with harsh opponents, she will fix things up.

  • A five star lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Margarita

    I feel Cynthia was responsive and all of above. she also showed empathy through the sad and very difficult times during my divorce. I would recommend her professional services to anyone.

  • Fantastic Divorce Attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heather

    Cindy is a WONDERFUL divorce attorney who not only is one of the most knowledgeable in divorce law but is also very down to earth and personable. I felt extremely comfortable with Cindy right from the start. She shows deep compassion and empathy at every turn, especially in cases where children are involved. I knew that not only would she fight to the nail for me but especially for my children. She did not waste anytime in filing the necessary paperwork in the judicial system (unlike other attorneys I had dealt with during this uncomfortable process) to make sure we were taken care of in every aspect. You can rest assured Cindy will always have your best interest in mind! No need to look any further for an amazing attorney!

  • International Excellence!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    Ms. Radomsky was a life saver to me. My Ex-husband moved to London and through some chain of events decided that he would no longer pay his required alimony. I contacted over 8 different Attorney's for help to go after him and not one could offer the help, then I found Ms. Radomsky. Cynthia worked very diligently with their international partners to seek some kind of resolution and she kept me informed of every step of the process. It took a lot of hard work and perservence but we managed to get my ex-husband to settle without having to get the London authorities involved. What a feeling of relief this wonderful attorney was able to provide, and it honestly feels great to be done. I would recommend Cynthia to anyone and everyone, my experience with her was nothing but postive!!!!