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Carly Anne Jehlen

Carly Jehlen’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Paid Public Defender

    Carley Jehlen is THE WORST lawyer practicing law in the Fairfax/Prince William Counties.   Do not hire Mrs. Jehlen unless you want someone who's going to take your money with malice and without remorse.  I hired Mrs. Jehlen  to defend a possession of Marijuana case in which she astronomically failed at doing. 

    Initially when hiring Mrs.  Jehlen she seemed very interested in my case,  until she took my money, at that point she did not return calls, emails,  and I was constantly redirected to the secretary.  I also later found that Mrs. Jehlen overcharged me for her services  the type of charge in which I was accused, by charging me $1200 for a simple possession in which other attorney's charge much less.  Mrs. Jehlen did not attempt to contact me when I had questions and also did not provide any copies of information for the services she had "supposedly" provided me.

    Mrs.  Jehlen then showed to court and took the officers account of the scenario and was unable to provide a proper defense for my case. She did not want to come up with a defense and instead offered a plea in lieu of a defense.  Once I expressed my frustrations about her not wanting to provide a defense strategy and me wanting to take a plea, which no one wants to pay a lawyer $1200 to take a plea agreement, I then instructed that she remove herself from my case. She them promised to give back all of my money because she hadn't represented me in ANY way,  in which she agreed,  and then once I contracted the office to find out when I'd be receiving my money back, she blatantly lied and said she never said she would give me all my money,  but half.  After going back and forth worth Mrs.  Jehlen she was very rude,  snide, and condescending as if she deserved and earned my money. She then advised me that I was harassing her,  how do you harass someone you paid $1200 to work for you?

     Mrs. Jehlen is not a good defense attorney, well, maybe if you have a traffic case, aside from that DO NOT EVER HIRE MRS.  Jehlen unless you want to lose your case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    Amazing Attorney!!

    I highly recommend Carly Jehlen for any of your court needs but in particular traffic court. My son had a few tickets to go to court on and in order to maintain his CDL, Carly went to bat for him and got the tickets dropped so everything worked exactly as we had hoped. She's very responsive and knowledgeable and you will not find a better personal lawyer in Fairfax!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    I highly recommend Carly!! She gets amazing results!

    I highly recommend Carly Jehlen! She did a remarkable job handling my speeding in a residential area (48/25). She is responsive, trustworthy, reliable, an expert that gets phenomenal results, and has great communication skills. Let me discuss each of these traits in great detail:
    1. She is responsive and answers emails and calls right away. Before I contacted her firm, I called two other firms and after two days, no one from either firm emailed or called me back. This is not the case with Carly! She talked to me within minutes of me calling and spent over 20 minutes explaining the seriousness of my offense and telling me about the process and fees. The officer should have written it up as reckless driving, but must have given me a break.
    2. Carly is trustworthy and reliable. I am from Houston, TX so I needed a firm to represent me that I could trust. I read horror story after horror story how other law firm didn’t show up at their client’s trial—I didn’t want that to happen to me! I didn’t have to worry because her team kept me in the loop and fulfilled all of their obligations to me. They are beyond outstanding!
    3. She is an expert with years of experience that gets phenomenal results! After learning the seriousness of my ticket, I could have received a huge fine and had this big speeding ticket on my record. Carly thought she may only get the ticket reduced to a lower speed, but she much better than that. Carly was able to take a plea to an amended charge of Fail to Obey Highway Sign (No Sleeping on Highway), a lower level infraction than the original charge of Speeding 48/55 in a residential zone. This is a zero point violation in the State of Virginia.

    4. Her communication skills are awesome. When I had questions and wasn’t understanding the process, she took time to ensure I had clarity.
    Thanks to the entire team at this firm! You really go the extra mile, and achieve great results!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    Highly recommend!

    Ms. Jehlen handled my case very professionally and effectively. Despite the prosecutors declining our plea bargain offer (twice) she eventually persuaded them to give in. I had a 4 point moving violation reduced to no points, and avoided continued DMV probation\Suspension. She was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, and it was a pretty painless process. I would definitely recommend her to any prospective clients. Price was very reasonable as well!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Collien "Cole"

    A little in over my head.....

    Ms. Jehlen is truly not your typical lawyer. Carly Anne Jehlen brings a little bit more to work with her, in that she goes that little bit further, works a little bit harder, and is not looking for the angle to the "WIIFM" (Whats In It For Me). I went to court to day facing four points on my license, a fine, a ruined career opportunity, and no lawyer. Then demonstrating my lacking prepairedness, I happen to be pointed in the direction of a little room where the prosecutor meets with those interested in pretrial discussion.
    Ms Jehlen, I mistook for the prosecutor, attentively listens to my plight and agrees to speak to the lead prosecutor. I thouht nothing more of the conversation, but thought of a reduction in the possible penalty and a less painful outcome. Not only did get my citation reduced, she had the whole thing reduced to a non-moving violation, and represented me on the spot. No points, no messy redressing of the incident, and my carreer opportunity remains bright.
    When I inquired as to why she went out of her way to help me, she replied, "Its my job and I like helping out when I can." I have her card and now she will represent me in any of these situations, because in this world that kind of character cannot be taught or learned.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Henry


    She helped me on my reckless driving case that could of resulted in jail time. I was scared the whole time in court that I would see the worst of punishments. Luckily, Carly Jehlen was there to help every step of the way. She is awesome and deserves all 5 :)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Oleg

    Excellent experience and a perfect outcome!

    I truly enjoyed working with this firm. From the day I contacted them, they have been very responsive and kept in touch all the way until the conclusion of the case. They have also been very flexible in accommodating my schedule for an initial meeting with an attorney. Carly, the attorney, had informed me of the strategy and the entire process thoroughly and I knew exactly what was going to happen and when. I was also happy to find out that their one time flat fee included any subsequent visits to the court house and a trial if it comes to it. On top of all, we won the case and my traffic violation charge was reduced to a minimum, resulting in no points and no increase in the insurance premium and I didn't even have to show up in court. I am a very happy customer and will use them again in the future. Thank you McGlone Law Firm! Thank you Carly!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Reckless speeding charge dismissed

    A reckless speeding charge in Fairfax county VA is a very serious charge. Carly handled my case with professionalism and diligence. She was able to obtain the best outcome possible of any court case: a dismissal of the charges. I was impressed! This was more than what I had expected.
    She's the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Louise

    I Lucked Out

    Carly Jehlen was efficient,informative and reassuring at every step in my case,leading to the best possible outcome.She seemed motivated by a sincere desire to help and enthusiasm for her work. I recommend her highly.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI client

    Highly recommended!!!

    Carly is very professional and a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable and explains all the possible outcomes of your case in great detail. She went above and beyond in my DUI case and got great results.