Carly Anne Jehlen

Carly Anne Jehlen

About Me 

I graduated from University of South Florida with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in English Literature and Interdisciplinary Social Science.  My original thesis was accepted in 2006 entitled, "The Role of the Mitigation Expert for the Defense in the Penalty Phase of Capital Sentencing." Additionally, my honors thesis was accepted in 2006 entitled, "Deep in the Forest There Lies a Green Room:  An Examination of Audience Engagement in Three of Shakespeare’s Festive Comedies and Romances." 


I joined the McGlone Law Firm as an associate in 2011, and practice in traffic and criminal defense litigation, specializing in DUI/DWI defense and Reckless Driving defense. I am a long term resident of Northern Virginia, and returned to the area to complete my graduate study at George Mason University School of Law, where I participated in the American Consitutional Society.


In addition to my work at the firm, I offer my services to the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project and the Hope for the Warrior Project pro bono.  I believe in the protection of constitutional rights for every individual, and the protection of civil liberties.

Finally, I support our troops at home and abroad.

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