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Scott Robert Zucker

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Why So Many Avoid Preparing Their Wills


Many lawyers do not prepare wills and trusts for lower- to middle-class clients because of the detailed effort required without the financial rewards.  Because of the high fees, the recession and the general desire to avoid the topic of death, more than half of the people in our country are without any estate planning.


Those who can't afford to pay thousands try to do it themselves.  They try software, an office supply store's wills kit or an online document preparation company.  However, there are too many issues that you might miss doing this without a lawyer.  But young or old, you really need to get this done.


So Why Work With Me?


My practice is intentionally designed to be small, approachable and affordable.  I do not have the overhead of a large firm and I enjoy working with people with estates of any size.


I work efficiently, advise and do not dictate, and sensitively implement your plan so that you can move on to your more enjoyable pursuits.


I also enjoy blogging about estate planning.  You can get a lot of free information and insights at my Thoughts on Wills & Estate Planning blog


If you like what you see, please contact me.  I would enjoy talking to you.

My email address is  I can also be reached at 703-280-9280.  Let me know how I can help.